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my previous discussion on mobile phones got deleted, i guess because we digressed the subject too much, anywayz wats happened has happened.. would be grateful if u guys could do this survey for me, if u havent done it yet  =) plz thnx its for my geo coursework

Posted: 15-07-12 18:59 by ? Secret - Team GR

if u have done that survey, im creating another one just now with different questions but for the same puprose, for my geo coursework.. would be grateful if u guys can do it =) thnx !

Posted: 15-07-12 19:00 by ? Secret - Team GR

sorry secret, i got ur discussion deleted, i really didnt mean to :'(  ***

ill make it up by gettin more people to do the survey ;D ***x

Posted: 15-07-12 19:13 by Braniac

omg nooo.. beelal.. its fine.. i dont care.. got results.. anyways.. just the more the better so ive started it again.. its alright u dont have to be sorry :) **

Posted: 15-07-12 19:16 by ? Secret - Team GR

here are the two surveys i would be grateful if people can do..

Posted: 15-07-12 19:32 by ? Secret - Team GR

lol thnx bbez ! luv u ;D ***

n i think ill do it again !! just in case ***

Posted: 15-07-12 20:59 by Braniac

lol, thnx for doin it again :) havent talked to u in ages.. too busy havin fun in paris :P lol, missed u though **

Posted: 19-07-12 16:09 by ? Secret - Team GR

thnx bbez, missed u sooo much as well ! ;D ***

Posted: 20-07-12 12:00 by Braniac


Posted: 21-07-12 13:30 by ? Secret - Team GR

oh yh, thnx to all those who hve done the survey.. need some results for the second survey plzz

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Posted: 21-07-12 13:32 by ? Secret - Team GR

lol ramadhan mubarak ;D n i dont have much time to the second survey tso wen i do get time ill do it ;D xxxxx

cya bbez xxxx

Posted: 24-07-12 09:51 by Braniac

aww its alright dude.. do it wen ur free.. no pressure :) 

hows ur fastin goin along ? **

Posted: 25-07-12 20:26 by ? Secret - Team GR

did it :)

Posted: 28-07-12 16:55 by Neon

thnx inferno  ** :)

Posted: 28-07-12 17:23 by ? Secret - Team GR

Ive done it bbe


Posted: 28-07-12 17:32 by aliimz

THANK UU ** ..

hahah.. high five ;)

aliimz wrote:

Ive done it bbe


Posted: 28-07-12 18:15 by ? Secret - Team GR

Hi just done your surveys

Posted: 28-07-12 19:08 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

thnx :)

Posted: 28-07-12 19:09 by ? Secret - Team GR

I don't love Islam, but I don't love any other religion either :P I don't have any faith, but I'm not saying there ISN'T a god, I'm just... basically I'm neutral :L

Posted: 28-07-12 22:30 by Neon

Me too - Switzerland :)

i did it btw :)

Posted: 01-08-12 22:38 by Leah

i luv islam

Posted: 01-08-12 23:00 by SciTech

thank u ! :) x

Leah wrote:

Me too - Switzerland :)

i did it btw :)

Posted: 02-08-12 12:45 by ? Secret - Team GR



Posted: 12-08-12 18:06 by Muzz :P