Mice and Men

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Would anyone care to share any notes or good websites i could use to study mice and men for my English Language? :) <3  

Posted: 24-08-12 22:32 by Layan<3

Yep :p -http://www.philipallan.co.uk/literatureguidesonline/ this is aammmzzing, click the omam book for lots of stuff on it, its also a good idea to buy the book itself, well worth 5 pounds amazon :)

Posted: 25-08-12 00:21 by Lamise Hassan

Wow thank you so much Lamise Hassan! Means a lot <3 Looks like a great website! Thaaanks agaain! :)

Posted: 25-08-12 08:32 by Layan<3

watch the film- seems obvious but it'll get it into your head loads so you can get a true undertsnaidng

Posted: 11-09-12 01:41 by Alex