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Guys, most of us struggle with remembering things, whether it be revision or otherwise so please lend a hand to eachother and let us know the ways that you use to memorise things :)

Thanks - you can all have a cyber hug :)

Posted: 10-06-12 02:22 by Leah

There's no 'right' way to revise as everyone has different techniques. Always make sure that you do your revision in small chunks such as 30 minutes slots & a mini break. Our school advised us to do 2 hours on a school night & 4 hours on a weekend. Memorising techniques include...

.Making everything in note form & then re writing the notes, this is useful for subjects such as Geography or Science 

. Doing lots of past papers as similar questions come up in the exams every year, this will help you familiarize yourself with the questions & preparing yourself for the questions

. Look at the examiner's report & see what they made of the exams & they tell you how you can improve

. If you're a more visual learner I advice pictures as one of the best ways to remember things, the sillier the picture the easier it is to remember

. Do mind maps & write the key notes down, this doesn't work for everyone but have a go :)

Exams a stressful, but if you start your revision early then you have more time to revise therefore it's less stressful 

Before your exam remember to eat something nutritious, I always eat banana's before my exams as they release the energy slowly, making your brain function better (I've read this on the internet somewhere:L) & bring water with you in the exam

Good Luck in the exams & I wish you all the best :D

P.S apparently having fish oil capsules boosts your memory as it's omega 3. You may want to give it a go :) 

Posted: 10-06-12 10:17 by Beanie96

i mainly do bubble maps and flash cards.

i split each subject into catagories. then i split each catagorie in different catagories. for example GCSE science i split it into B1 C1 AND P1  the i split each of thos into different catagories.

Posted: 15-06-12 17:57 by zoe jukes