MEDLINK 2012!!!!!

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Hey guys, i was wondering if any aspiring medics in year 12 was going to the Medlink course in December? I'm going on the second set of dates - 19th - 22nd December 2012. 

Who's coming with me, or who's interested? I need a friend to go with! I'm the only one in my sixth form going...


Posted: 14-10-12 23:17 by Re-Re


What kind of work experience have you done so far then? Have you got any ideas of which universities you might apply to yet (or even where you don't want to go!)

What I would say is that it's good that you're looking into doing things to add to a medicine application but medlink isn't really essential or that important. It's essentially a scheme produced by people who have realised that medicine applicants (and those applying to vet med, dentistry and to Oxford and Cambridge) can often be very dedicated applicants who feel that they need to do loads to enhance their application success so are likely to pay money to attend such events. In reality, many universities will completely ignore whether you've attended such an event if you write about it on your personal statement because they realise that not all applicants have the money to afford these schemes so it's unfair to give an advantage to people who have attended them. If you've got some free time and a bit of money available then it will enhance your application more by getting more work experience and broadening your horizons there. You're not going to find out anything on a Medlink course that you won't be able to find out for free on the internet or at university open days.

Obviously you may want to go on this course anyway, and that's fine as lots of people do so. It's more that I don't want other people worrying about the fact they don't have the money available to pay for this sort of event as in all honesty, it'll make no difference to your medicine application.

Posted: 15-10-12 15:51 by Emma (admin)

Hey I'm in year 12 too and I'm going on that one and I don't have anyone to go with either =) I don't mind going with you =)

Posted: 23-11-12 19:49 by Krish

Cool =D my email's [email protected] =] 

Posted: 24-11-12 12:12 by Krish