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Right so, I really find it useful seeing how other people got on for myself and my application, particually after making a few wrong choices and having overstretched myself a little last year. I am studying mei ocr Maths with Mechanics and Statistics, ocr chemistry, wjec biology and ocr english literature and language. Last year I applied with AS grades A(bio)A(chem)A(eng) and D (I know - probably where I went wrong, maths.) However my mum had a stroke during the march and I was her carer up until she recovered fully after my exams, I also missed out on 2 weeks of college due to an operation/recovery. I volunteered weekly with ageUK and I work 3-4 nights a week to cover food/rent costs as a waitress. However my actual hospital experience was a minimal week in gastrointestinal surgery, but down here where there's only one hospital over an hour away that was about as much as I could really get. My UKCAT was not amazing, around 650 average but i'd been on a cambridge summer school just before and not really had the energy for much revision. My BMAT was also bang on average asides my essay which was 5A. I applied to Cambridge(hah!), UCL, Barts and Brighton but recieved no offer (not even for interview) though barts and brighton offered me places on other courses which I declined. I did applied with EC but from my experience I feel cambridge are the only ones who take it into consideration and even then their standard of applicants is so high (my other friend managed an interview but then rejection with three A* s). Over january I managed to improve my maths with one module back up to a B, and my other subjects remain at A though I only got 86% on my biology so i'm working overtime to try and get that A*. I'm hoping a minimum of A*AAB in the summer exams and working overtime at the hope of A*A*AA. Though i'm not yet sure of whether to work full time and move out over the next year or stay in college and do some extra A levels (its awkward due to mums benefits if I leave college but remain at home even if I worked full time to pay her), however i've made plans to start quite a good voluntery scheme with my local hospice and have also signed up to a voluntery scheme in the hospitals in kenya for the coming winter months. I also have yet to rebook and resit my UKCAT, i'm unsure of whether to waste an application to the BMAT university or whether to just focus on getting into the standard medical uni's. Anyone else is welcome to comment or give their details I think it's really useful seeing where other people have made their mistakes, part of mine was in my choice of university and experience I feel. I am hopeful for October though! Thanks! 

Posted: 13-05-13 09:22 by Tegen