Media exam action adventure

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take notes on how the clip uses sound track,camera angles and also sterotypical heros and villians e.g tattoes,horns andalso gadgets as weaposn specfic to sci-genre

Ryan this is particaly usefull to you as yours is sci-fi.

Posted: 12-06-11 15:41 by bradley

Yes narnia is a great example also look at laura croft- the female role was major as she was outwitting all the male roles which is very rare to the genre and if the question was about women roles say how they

-get trapped or captured by enemies

-hero has to rescue her

-makes mistakes- great example

-tag alone

-LOVE INTEREST! <major role (mainly in james bond,indianna jones etc)

Posted: 12-06-11 15:44 by bradley

im in year nine and i have my media exam on monday about this ^ :O not prepared at all! 

Posted: 12-06-11 15:45 by Morgana

How come your doing the exam in year 9?

Posted: 12-06-11 15:49 by bradley

yeah, thats what i thought! :)

Posted: 12-06-11 15:50 by Sara

Morgana, I've made lots of resources on media, including what we need to have done/ planned, codes and conventions, camera types, narrative struture and some more! :)

Posted: 12-06-11 15:55 by Sara

GOOD LUCK! I have my exam tomorrow, on action adventure!

Just wondering what keywords do we need to know?

Posted: 12-06-11 16:58 by Rhiannon Britten

urm maybe just all the camera angles and stuff so you can describe your frames trailer for your movie?

Can anyone help me with what

  1. media language is,
  2. media institutions,
  3. audiences
  4. and represenattion?

Thanks :) x

Posted: 12-06-11 17:40 by Sara

I have got a media exam tommorow and i know the main conventions of AA like characters, Quest, Action sequences but im am stuck on locations and i cant remeber any other ones please help!

Posted: 12-06-11 18:13 by Kamz

okay, well if its based on real life then include a location that EVERYONE globally knows - not like a small town that only 1/2 have heard of ! Places like new york, hollywood, las vegas etc. Also, Sweden is a good one - it has different temperatures - snowy and sunny - and Narni was filmed in sweden too - and remember, if you forgot, you need a director! :) x

Posted: 12-06-11 18:39 by Sara

sorry, i meant new zealand :)

Posted: 12-06-11 18:42 by Sara

okay thanx :)

Posted: 12-06-11 19:20 by Kamz

ive got ideas but cant remember much really worried about the exam :/

Posted: 13-06-11 09:12 by James Evans

Don't be worried. If you've got ideas then you can use them the best you can in the exam later. Good luck!

Posted: 13-06-11 10:05 by Ryan Boot


Posted: 13-06-11 16:45 by Sara

I'll be honest, easier than I was expecting but I don't feel I achieved an A. Perhaps a B though, as I did pretty good in my Cousework and that accounts for 60% of the total media grade. 

Posted: 13-06-11 16:50 by Ryan Boot

ahh, well it wasnt that bad - i was a bit tight for time and just managed to finish everything - it took me like 30 minutes to do the trailer and like 30 minutes to do the pitch.... i'd much rather prefer to do a poster for our movie then a trailer! But i cant stop thinking about the film - its stuck in my head! haha x

Posted: 13-06-11 16:53 by Sara

Haha, same. Well I'm glad to hear that you didn't find it too hard! 

I too was a little strapped for time, but I think I got everything done to a good enough standard. We can put this behind us until August when we get our results. All the best!

Posted: 13-06-11 16:55 by Ryan Boot

ahhh, done it now, weren't that hard tbf, but i didnt finish my story board :| 

Posted: 14-06-11 06:26 by Morgana