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Does anyone know exactly what the exam will be about for action adventure? and maybe the planning we have to do for our brief, like what to plane e.g. plot, sypnoses, title, trailer and anything else? it really stresses me out that i dont know what it'll be about until like 2 weeks before the exam! argghhh

btw i do aqa media studies and my exam is on the 13th of june

Posted: 09-05-11 18:53 by Sara

ive bin told it will be marketing,making a plan for your own film or creating your own poster for a certain film i am not completely sure but i will try and find out this is all i can give at the moment sorry it may not be very helpfull.

Posted: 10-05-11 09:36 by James Evans

Oh okay, thankyou, and yeah we dont know a lot about it until we get the brief so I guess we'll just have to wait! It's just the media exam i'm dreading the most because i dont know much about it.

Anyway, thankyou and good luck!!! :)

Posted: 10-05-11 18:16 by Sara


we dont know what its about until we get the brief which we should be given to you on monday! you cant really plan much until then!

good luckk!!!

Posted: 10-05-11 18:28 by Nicola Curtis

hi! and thanks and yeah, i am dreading the brief, it all sounds soo scary :/ arggh why did i take media!? apparently therell be 4 questions, 1 will be creativity so you'll draw something like a poster/ or draw shots from the trailer, and there'll be 1 question on media in general e.g.what are the action adventure movie conventions.

good luck to you too!

Posted: 10-05-11 18:40 by Sara

btw how do you know about the brief if ur in year 11? were doing the action adventure exam and were in year 10!? are year 11 + 10s doing the same exam?

Posted: 10-05-11 18:41 by Sara

yes i beleave we are but imnot shore as we did not do the exam in year 10 were doing it in year 11 only

Posted: 16-05-11 11:39 by James Evans

i have been given some info telling me that we will be doing this includes box office success, marketing campaign, narrative, pitch,remit and synopsis i can not give any more as we are unable to recieve help from teachers from now on hope this helps

Posted: 16-05-11 11:42 by James Evans

i got given the brief today and its includes a box office success, targets a family audience and realistic characters of which people can relate too. :)

Posted: 16-05-11 17:40 by Nicola Curtis

aww Thank you for telling me !! that makes it so much easier -but  do you just have to plan basically anything they can ask you withen those question?? and how are you revising?

Posted: 16-05-11 18:02 by Sara

i am currently writing a synopsis for my own story and planning a article for a film things like that i am doing this in school at the moment soon i breakup and i am going to try and do more things for my revision but i need more ideas try what i have  of been doing recently should help and yes practice for everything within them options as you may be given any of them. good luck:) and dont panic keep calm and carry on :) thats what ive been told.

Posted: 19-05-11 10:54 by James Evans

thanks - bu† i have noo movie ideas!!! :( 

Posted: 19-05-11 11:46 by Sara

Well tbh i have just thought of one myself i thought of theis through school in a media lesson its called The Final Chase about a ordinary guy well not so ordinary he doesnt remember his past his family gets kidnapped he has to chase them it goes from country to country different gangs involved and he slowly remembers but not until the end he remembers his whole past and finaly gets his family back.   just think of some ideas if not use mine to create your own it should help you .

Posted: 20-05-11 11:29 by James Evans

aww, well thankyou for telling me, but I actually thought of one (its kinda ****) but to anyone else whos stuck - base it on a fairytale or a greek myth :)

Posted: 20-05-11 18:40 by Sara

Did you guys do a mock exam as i prepared my film ages ago via the mock exam so my film has been prepared for months but just tweaked it abit due to the brief and and pitch also just need to prepare for the first two questions usally to do with general media maybe box office and marketing.

Posted: 12-06-11 09:20 by bradley

no, we didnt do a mock exam :/ we just had like less then a month to plan - and i'm stuck on a question, do you know how SFX and CGI has changed action adventure movies?? :) x

Posted: 12-06-11 09:36 by Sara

Its to do with making the film packed with more action e.g pyrotechnics and making its more dramtic for the audience as it makes them sit on the edge of the seat with adreniline and it is used to engage an audience, it is also used to make films more realistic and just to generaly add to the action for example in older AA films cgi and sfx wasnt used alot and over the years it has developed into a main ingrediant in the AA genre.It also adds to the fast paced narrative of the AA genre and makes it regonizable to an international audience as they can tell its an AA film by explosions,stunts....etc. Hope that helps. just remember its all being done to enage and exite the audience and think about what effect certain cgi has on an audience hope im going down the right lines here just remember the key ingrediants in the AA films.

Posted: 12-06-11 10:14 by bradley

Sorry i forgot to add its changed the box office completly remember "Aavatar" it was a completly CGI film and brought millions to the box office as it had the USP of CGI and also it was shown in 3D so people flooded in to see this new film.

Posted: 12-06-11 10:16 by bradley

Thank you soo much Bradley!! That really helped! :) Thanks! :) ** and also, do you know the answer to this question: Consider what makes a film have a wide appeal and how can a global audience be engaged? Just 1/2 bullet points would do! :) Thanks so much ! :P x

Posted: 12-06-11 10:26 by Sara


-Because they have sterotypical characters such as villians with regonizable features such as scars,eyepatches,foriegn accents (most villians are foriegn) this makes it easy for internatinal and young audiences understand whos the hero whos the villian and the linear straight forward storyline is so easy to follow young audiences dont get confused.

-Global audiences is just people all over the world really e.g. other countries and by using all of the above it makes it easy for them to get enages e.g. CGI etc just refer to the key terms of AA genre plus use media theorys such as blumar and katz "escapism" being able to forget about outside worries and troubles and being able to lose them selves in another world and getting lost in a great story line"

Sorry im writting alot but marketting is key for global audiecnces e.g. teaser trailer,trailer,posters,games,toys,ringtones which are used to create a buzz about the film

Hope this helped ill be happy to answer questions.The key to a good film for global audiences is about it beign unique e.g. avatar with CGI and 3D etc..

Posted: 12-06-11 10:33 by bradley

Thank you so much  :) So hows planning you action adventure movie getting along then?? The exams tomorrow, eeekk :) x

Posted: 12-06-11 10:36 by Sara

Not bad tbh i had a mock so i planned mine about three months ago "the emporyers chest" dont really want to reel out the storyline just in case any people try to steal my sotry line :P but ive got my storyline pitch and synopsis all planend got a trailer and website planned just watching some film clips so i can quote in my answers just need to prepare for my first two questions tbh. :) if you need any help dont worry just ask me (me answering questions is another form of revision)

Posted: 12-06-11 10:42 by bradley

Lol, naa, I wont steal your storyline, mine is soo amazing, I dont need yours ! :) joking! :) !! :) Well, I've kinda prepared everything, but just worrying about the first 2 Q. , cause theyre just genereal questions. I havent prepared a website, cause we werent told to! :) My characters arent stereotypical characters, so shall i add why thats useful and good in the pitch? and I'm really stuck on the pitch, do you think you could help me with that, maybe we can do like a pitch for another AA movie together, maybe avater cause we both know it? :) thank you , you've been of so much help !:) x

Posted: 12-06-11 10:49 by Sara

Dont worry if there not sterotypical charaters (but using them will show you understand the genre and gain more marks so if i were you i would a little but not to overpowering) im not an expert so i cant say but just say what actors and why you have chosen them e.g say what types of films they have been in e.g. johnny deep-swashbucker-pirates of the caribean and he has experiance in the genre adds a sens eof humour can be used to slow donw tension with jokes maybe introduce a catchphrase "that was close" also add a director in your pitch, it doesnt matter if they are sterotypical but it helps if they contain features of normal villains e.g. eye patch as it shows the examiner that you understand how the AA industry works ?


Just include a little paragraph about your film e.g. characters storyline and maybe some little teasers of action heres and example.

Farmboy luke skywalker finds more than he bargained for when he gains possession of two androids who lead him on the adventure of his life to save a beautiful princess,befriend a devil-may-care space smuggler and save the galaxy from the evil clutches of darth vadar, tutored by the mysterious obi wan kenobi luke must learn the ways of the force (star wars 1977)

Then after i do that ^ i say my marketting campeign e.g. poster trailers and how im going to sell my franchise to the audiences then finally whos starring in it with acotrs.directors and also why my films unique make sure you say its for a young family as the brief says and make sure you say you realse in a summer or winter holiday so familys can go see it and also dont use so much cgi as they dont want a film with alot of cgi.

Posted: 12-06-11 11:08 by bradley

You could say i dont want my film to be sterotypical chacarters becasue i want my film to be unique as long as you pack up your points with examples of other films e.g in laru croft there was a femal role compared to most cliche AA films who have male roles, as long as you say why youve used them its ok.

Posted: 12-06-11 11:10 by bradley