Is anyone else doing the additional Maths exam on the 25th June?

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If so- how are you preparing!? It's sooo difficult:/

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Posted: 29-05-12 18:54 by AmyPond

Is this the 'foundations of additional maths' course?

Posted: 30-05-12 11:09 by Katie

Um not sure! It's the level 2 qualification one- the one that's supposed to help with a level:)

Posted: 30-05-12 15:57 by AmyPond

Oh yeah thats the one. I did it last year. It helps a lot if you are going to do a leveel maths.

Just get your hands on as many past papers as you can. Go through them without your notes first. Answer all the questions you can. Then go through it again with your notes readily available. If you still can't answer questions then ask your teacher to go through it. 

Posted: 31-05-12 08:19 by Katie

Thanks:) I think there is only 1 past paper- so I'm saving it for closer to the day! Do you know if there are any websites that provide resources?:)

Posted: 31-05-12 16:16 by AmyPond

Have you tried the exam board website I assume its OCR. Even if they've changed the sylabus since last year most of the stuff in the older papers will still be relevant

Posted: 31-05-12 21:41 by Katie

Thanks- I'll look on my board's website (it's wjec:)) the problem Im having is that it's not a GCSE so it's not really appearing anywhere.. But thank you for your help:)

Posted: 31-05-12 21:45 by AmyPond