Maths what a bore, how do you get the enthusiasm and carizma to revise?

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I really find it hard to motivate myself to revise for maths. I am constantly nagged to get on with it but i become frustrated and get bored, which means i dont take any of the information in. Are there any tips ? As i am targeted a B for my maths GCSE and i really want to do well but its just getting the motiviation and making it stick! (any advice would be truly welcome !!!!)

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Posted: 23-05-11 11:08 by laura :)

With maths, there's no better way than to do lots and lots of past papers and mark them yourself. That way you know what you have already learned, but more importantly know what you need to learn. Then you simply learn that which you need to learn. This is the best way of upping your grade.

Posted: 26-05-11 19:50 by Fiddle

I'm with you on this. To help, I think about receiving my marks, finding out that they're amazing and feeling a grin spread on my face.

Posted: 26-05-11 20:15 by Nyanda Foday

Maths is probably one of the easiest subjects to revise for if you think about it, because it's all about practice. This may sound really weird, but revising Maths is actually a lot more relaxing than revising many other subjects. Maths practice papers= A* in Maths

Posted: 27-05-11 13:51 by M

make revision fun (i know that sounds silly) by making it creative with mind maps and sticky notes! lots of colour is good, i'm not at all a creative person but i love revising this way! :)

Posted: 27-05-11 16:20 by Kelly:)

I think that you should make cards and posters or get together with your mates and question each other about particular subjects :D

Posted: 28-05-11 11:11 by Louise