Maths revision tips

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I find it difficult to revise maths and am forgerting simple things (such as how to work out a midpoint) please help!

Posted Sat 21st May, 2011 @ 19:00 by Jasmine

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Hmmmwhy dont you try to summarise the points up and do plenty of past papers. Trust me they do help. Also, why dont you make revision cards and learn from them. You could also write notes on different areas on maths and post it around your house, then whenever you're passing by you can review it for 5 minutes, in that way it will stick into your mind.

Remember not to learn chunks at a time and take a break between revision

Goodluck :) x

Answered Sat 21st May, 2011 @ 19:29 by Asian
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Answered Sun 22nd May, 2011 @ 11:58 by Jasmine