Maths Exams

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So, what maths exams have you taken so far? How did they go? What have you got left?

I've taken C2 (AS level, AQA exam) and it went pretty well. I've got FP1, M1 and S2 left to complete (All AS unit exams)

:) Good luck!

Posted: 31-05-09 09:10 by Rachel

Iv got my GCSE exam :O and im getting cs close to Bs and i really wnaa tke it for alevel so hpefully il gehh my B :)

SN x

Posted: 31-05-09 16:05 by iturhs

I'm retaking GCSE got a A and for some stupid reason decided to retake to get A* ! **

Posted: 01-01-11 14:46 by Marissa

if you are stuck on doing revision for your mahs exam (s) then you can always go onto it is really usefull and has all the topics you need.

Posted: 02-01-11 14:41 by Renate Spel

ive taken two exams - got an A in the first one, A* in the second!

got another exam left!

Posted: 16-04-11 17:32 by minnie