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I need some advise on how to revise for maths. I am doing GCSE math..

Posted: 04-05-12 18:07 by simran

jus do questions cos dts really da only way u cud revise

Posted: 04-05-12 18:08 by Sabah x

Ok thanks but I already do that and I'm only get a C in my mocks.

Posted: 04-05-12 18:10 by simran

I did my maths GCSE last year and the MAIIIN way is past papers. Once u finish ur own bored do other boards - maths is maths after all! any questions u find difficult or get wrong revise that topic. Also, what i did to prepare was do all the mixed exercises in the book, at least the even questions in them, it really helped, good luck :)

Posted: 04-05-12 18:12 by Lamise Hassan

well ask ur teacher to explain to u again da things dt u gt wrng

Posted: 04-05-12 18:12 by Sabah x

yeah thats part of revising the topic

Posted: 04-05-12 18:14 by Lamise Hassan

Thanks I never thought about that :)

Posted: 04-05-12 18:17 by simran


Posted: 04-05-12 18:18 by Lamise Hassan

I wouldn't do past papers from other boards as Lamise said, just do the ones from your own board as the question style and topics vary from board to board. Though, I agree that doing past papers is the best way to revise maths.

Posted: 04-05-12 20:03 by Maleficent

i think the majority are the same , i did them myself and it worked

Posted: 04-05-12 20:31 by Lamise Hassan

yeah < past papers is the best way and then the things u find harder and get wrong < u know thats the stuff u need to look back on through old books or bitesize :)

Posted: 04-05-12 20:34 by Chloe Bentley

Ok thanks everyone. U helped a LOT

Posted: 05-05-12 15:31 by simran