Mass spectrometer any help???? ;I

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A mass spectrometer is set up so that a certain ion with a single positive carge is deflected at Y. would similar ions still be detected at at the end or be deflected if:

a) the strength of the magnetic feild is increaed

b) the acceleration is increased

c) the ion is given a double positive charge

d) the temperature in the vaporiser is increased

e) the stregnth of the magnetic field is decreased

f) a single charged ion of an isotope with a higher mass number passes through?

Im REALY stuck :( any help please? even if its only one of them you can help me with..thanks x

Posted: 16-09-12 18:25 by SciTech

I did know this.... but I've forgotten, but hey! not seen you in a while :)

Posted: 16-09-12 18:27 by Neon

yeh lol havent been on in a while , nice 2 be back tho!

Posted: 16-09-12 19:24 by SciTech

lot'sa people've dissipated... including (as I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear) beelal :P

Posted: 16-09-12 19:32 by Neon

except he isn't really gone at all :P he's online right now :) but we aren't supposed to know that :L

Posted: 16-09-12 19:34 by Neon