marketing in travel and tourism

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hi im looking for some help on this topic, i have started my marketing assignment and im finding it difficult if anyone could help id be very grateful :)

Posted: 11-03-13 16:50 by nicia mcewan

We see examples of travel and tourism marketing 

around us every day, such as:

•  Window displays in travel agencies;

•  Holiday adverts and travel articles in newspapers 

and magazines;

•  Holiday promotions on packets of breakfast cereals 

and drinks;

•  Interviewers asking us about our holiday likes and 


•  Holiday programmes and channels selling holidays 

on television;

•  Flyers posted through our letterboxes;

•  Holiday adverts on websites;

•  Discounts and other special offers on fl ights and 


These are all part of marketing, which goes far beyond 

just advertising and promotion, as you will learn when 

you work through the rest of this unit. Before we 

investigate the factors that affect marketing, it is worth 

spending a little time investigating just what we mean 

by ‘marketing’.

Posted: 10-07-13 12:56 by brendancoventry