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EPIC SITE >.< Enjoy!

Posted: 21-03-12 11:57 by Charlotte Wilding

OMG!! This is such a cute website :3

Thanks for sharing ^_^

Posted: 21-03-12 12:50 by Fyzah :p

hey charlotte is ur profile pic frm Naruto

Posted: 21-03-12 15:38 by aliimz

hey Charlotte do u watch Naruto?

Posted: 21-03-12 15:38 by aliimz

Hey Charlotte r u a fan of Naruto?

Posted: 21-03-12 15:39 by aliimz

hey Charlotte u wanna know sumting.....

guess what......... come on guess!

You killed it u couldnt think- get it (Charlotte response: what? aaaaaaaaaaah a knife)

Im annoying A

Posted: 21-03-12 15:40 by aliimz

lol lol

hey aliimz your profile pic is of L from Death note

Posted: 21-03-12 16:08 by Charlotte Wilding

Hey Aliimz do you watch Death note?

Posted: 21-03-12 16:09 by Charlotte Wilding

lol annoying orange :P and yes I used to watch naruto when I was little but then the filler arcs where just rubbish so i just read the manga instead :P

Posted: 21-03-12 16:10 by Charlotte Wilding

yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i've found my soul buddy

duh ive watched death note and im watching naruto, bleach

ive also watched Code Geass

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Posted: 21-03-12 19:05 by aliimz

Love Code Geass :D You seen R2 yet?

Kinda dropped bleach since the end of the the 2nd arc.
Ao no Exorcist is epic! :3 Angel Beats is pretty awesome too! ~
D. Gray Man is ultimate favourite >.<
and then you have your tipicle fangirl one Ouran High School Host Club.
Black Butler
Durararar! is amazing! I hope that's the right number of R's lol
Soul Eater
And then the whole Final Fantasy thing :P
Linking with Kingdom Hearts XD

haha soul buddy ^_^ :3

Posted: 22-03-12 08:36 by Charlotte Wilding

I've watched twilight :D

(((wait.... that's not the same, is it?? :P)))

Posted: 22-03-12 09:20 by Fyzah :p

I luv Ouran High School Host club

Posted: 22-03-12 11:16 by aliimz

What's that??

Posted: 22-03-12 11:19 by Fyzah :p


Posted: 22-03-12 11:19 by aliimz

oh, okay... i should have known -_-

Posted: 22-03-12 11:21 by Fyzah :p


Honey is so cute :')

Posted: 22-03-12 13:29 by misshapenskies

Honey Senpai

Posted: 22-03-12 18:34 by aliimz

Hey Alimz looks like you asked Charlotte if she was a fan. I am as well.

Posted: 22-03-12 18:59 by Oliver


who is ur fav Naruto couple?

mine is Naruhina

i luv Hinata (not in that way, u dirty dog;)

Posted: 22-03-12 20:19 by aliimz

lol... Hinata and allimz sitting in a tree :p

Posted: 23-03-12 10:41 by Fyzah :p

whatts the anime where the characters are countries?


Hetalia! :D

Posted: 23-03-12 11:29 by Rayanne :)


Posted: 23-03-12 11:31 by Fyzah :p

is funny cuz is stereotypical :P


Posted: 23-03-12 11:33 by Rayanne :)


Honestly Rayanne... stereotypes aren't cool :P

Posted: 23-03-12 11:34 by Fyzah :p