Make a section for chatting.

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However, your argument is invalid. 

Posted: 04-06-12 18:05 by LP-FTW

We have LOADS of severs at my school, and even went to have a look at them!

Posted: 04-06-12 18:05 by Izzy

Also, this would generate jobs Lauren, and people need jobs!

Posted: 04-06-12 18:06 by Izzy


You saying something is invalid does not automatically make it invalid, I'm afraid.

It's a reasonable question, not an argument. Therefore it is not invalid. What exactly do you mean by chatroom? How would it be different from the discussion boards we have now?

I mean that as a question, not an argument. Explain more fully what it is that you want.

Posted: 04-06-12 18:08 by Lauren

I want you to admit that your argument is invalid. 

Posted: 04-06-12 18:09 by LP-FTW

Lauren, please look at my comments, which respond to your questions, and worries about chat rooms. 

Posted: 04-06-12 18:11 by Izzy

Yes, your school has the money for those servers. Your school is not trying to make a profit.

Posted: 04-06-12 18:11 by Lauren

Surely you know that GR DOES earn money?!

Posted: 04-06-12 18:13 by Izzy

Your comments don't say anything about the safeguards legally required when you are creating a website for children. 

Posted: 04-06-12 18:13 by Lauren

Also, look at the jobs comment. Knowing that GR gets money, I think it is a very valid statement.

Posted: 04-06-12 18:14 by Izzy

Would you like one?

Posted: 04-06-12 18:14 by Izzy
Posted: 04-06-12 18:14 by LP-FTW

As I said, GR DOES earn money! They can pay for safeguards! If they are really that desperate, they can introduce memberships, for which you have to pay!

Posted: 04-06-12 18:15 by Izzy

It earns money from advertising. It's not making that much money.

Posted: 04-06-12 18:15 by Lauren

That's great LP-FTW!

Posted: 04-06-12 18:16 by Izzy


Posted: 04-06-12 18:16 by Izzy

I think I've said as much as I can say.

You're wasting your time. If you want a chatroom, go on a chatroom website. You can make as many topics as you want. Making a big fuss isn't going to change anything.

You clearly aren't going to listen to me either, but I have better things to do than make a dozen topics complaining.

Posted: 04-06-12 18:22 by Lauren

Um... that's nice?

Posted: 04-06-12 18:23 by Izzy

LP-FTW, they have deleted all your discussions! I see what you mean...

Posted: 04-06-12 18:24 by Izzy

I have to go now, bye!

Posted: 04-06-12 18:25 by Izzy

i agree, as long as its not rude or offensive :)

Posted: 07-06-12 12:40 by Leah

yaaaaay I want a section for chatting :D

Posted: 07-06-12 13:37 by в

I think that if a section for chatting is made. No points should be given for the chats... this will then stop people from using the discussion part of GR to chat in and therefore getting so many points from it:L Some of the people posting aren't answering the actual question, but using it as some sort of msn. I don't really think this is fair as it means you can get numerous points, which can be misleading for people who look at the points to know whos revision resources are reliable and helpful. But I also agree with Lauren that it could be difficult for GR to maintain these in a safe way, and i'd perfer to not have them at all than to have them and be at risk. Plus her 'argument' is not invalid at all, as whoever runs this site would have to take all the safety risks and the costs into consideration and therefore that makes it a completely valid 'argument'. Plus this site is called getrevising not getchatting.

Posted: 07-06-12 14:05 by Misha

i think thats a good idea because if you need help, you can easily talk to someone

and it wont be like social network because people only come on this site to work and revise

Posted: 07-06-12 14:59 by Zara

i also think it s good idea to have a chatting could be where we could just relax...we cant be revising all the time :/ its a suggestion i support... -shrugs-

Posted: 07-06-12 18:08 by Namita