Make a section for chatting.

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No matter how much discussions I make, how many letters I write, GR doesn't understand me. Can you please make a section for chatting where members can chat whenever they want, about WHATEVER they want without it getting deleted? It's bugging me. Also, it seems that only MY discussions and comments are getting deleted. 


Posted: 02-06-12 20:14 by LP-FTW

i wouldn't  agree , it a revision site , not a social network. 

Posted: 03-06-12 09:01 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR

OK, Everyone's entitled to their opinions. 

Posted: 03-06-12 09:04 by LP-FTW

i know 

Posted: 03-06-12 09:04 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR

I think we should be able to chat about subjects, not random things friends would talk about, but things relating to work. However, I still think it is a great idea, and make GR even better!

Posted: 03-06-12 13:41 by Izzy

Yeah that's good! 

Posted: 03-06-12 13:43 by LP-FTW


Posted: 03-06-12 13:44 by Izzy

Am I the only one here with the worst ideas? 

Posted: 03-06-12 13:45 by LP-FTW

That's not true! You thought of the idea of a chatting room! Everyone else is just contributing small ideas to your large one!

Posted: 03-06-12 13:47 by Izzy

Guess so. I just want a place where members can chat without it getting deleted. 

Posted: 03-06-12 13:50 by LP-FTW


Posted: 03-06-12 13:50 by Izzy

I don't think GR like you 'protesting,' which is why they do it YOUR discussions, but don't necessarily take my word for it! 

Posted: 03-06-12 13:52 by Izzy

well they should've listen to me in the first place! 

Posted: 03-06-12 13:54 by LP-FTW


Posted: 03-06-12 13:55 by Izzy

maybe the group chats or private chats which have been suggested could solve this? :)

Posted: 04-06-12 00:18 by Neon

yes, that's what i meant anyways. 

Posted: 04-06-12 10:07 by LP-FTW

I think it would attract the wrong kind of people to the site. GR would have to put safeguards in place and have round the clock monitoring of the chats to make sure nothing dodgy was going on. I'm pretty sure they can barely keep up with the trolling of the boards as it is.

Posted: 04-06-12 15:42 by Lauren

Hmmmm, well if you read my comment Lauren, do you think my idea is good?

Posted: 04-06-12 17:27 by Izzy

yeah have you read the other comments 

Posted: 04-06-12 17:28 by LP-FTW

Lauren perhaps you should read the other comments....

Posted: 04-06-12 17:30 by Izzy

Yes, I did read your comments. How is that any different to what we have now?

Posted: 04-06-12 18:02 by Lauren

Your argument is invalid. 

Posted: 04-06-12 18:03 by LP-FTW

LP-FTW u have my full support

Posted: 04-06-12 18:04 by Braniac

Also, do you have any idea how many servers etc. they would need to save discussions for than a couple of weeks?

They are very expensive to run. Not to mention how much it would cost to employ the number of people they would need to monitor chatrooms effectively.

Posted: 04-06-12 18:05 by Lauren

Very good, LP-FTW. It is different because that is a CHAT ROOM, and this is a DISCUSSION! If you need to know the difference between those two things, well...

Posted: 04-06-12 18:05 by Izzy