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Hi guys doing Lord of the Flies for GCSE.

Help! - Discuss importance of the fire in the novel please! I have got given it for a practice exam paper and I am struggling

Thanks :)

Posted: 25-04-11 18:30 by Rebecca

Erm... the fire was a symbol for something I can't remember what though

> it was ironic that Ralph's main concern was "keeping the fire going" to get them rescued, but he was not followed yet it was Jacks fire with the intention to kill Ralph that the Naval Officer noticed and came to rescue them

>from the point in the novel were the existance of a beast is certain to the boys, the fire begins to have a double purpose. Not only is it a signal to the outside world but it also becomes a comfort, similar to a small child's night light that would be kept by the bedside. 

>The fire seems to bring out a different response in each character depending on the situation for example Jack's pride becomes evident instead of showing fear. Ralph tries to maintain role as chief and be mature and grown up though in multiple cases he admits his fears. 

>Piggy's glasses are needed to start the fire

>Sam and Eric keep watch over the fire

>remember the mass rush to start the fire in the second chapter and Piggy saw them as acting "like a pack of kids!"

>fire also killed the mulberry birthmark boy and after that, that side of the mountain was named "the unfriendly side"

>as the efforts to keep the fire going become less and less, they put less effort into preparing to be rescued so that they forget about it and believe the way they are is the way they always have been and will be and so their efforts to be clean go down, hygiene, and wearing warpaint replaces clothes until the boys finally turn into the savages that Golding tries to explain through this novel was within them the whole time.  

Does that help or am I too late :) I will try and find out some more stuff though but even if you have already handed it in write back on some points you have because it may help me too and we can look at other topics because I need to revise this a lot more than I have. 

Bye ** :D

Posted: 28-04-11 22:21 by Zoeeee

Hey, no that's really great stuff what you have mentioned; thanks!

Is there anything alse that you want to discuss? Also struggling a little bit on why Lord of the Flies is set on an island. All I really have is that the island is unspoilt when the boys arrive, and when they are rescued it is alight with fire and completely spoilt; this shows Golding's views of human nature - the evil and damage is within us.

Golding creates a microcosm on the island to make us look closely at the condition of human kind. The sea represents the vast distance between boys and civilisation. Any ideas?


Posted: 29-04-11 10:20 by Rebecca

Ah, that's great! Thanks a lot :D

Posted: 29-04-11 19:31 by Rhanid

It is set on an island because of Goldings beliefs on why the evil or dark side of human nature comes out from humans who are normally tamed with a civilised society. In an article Golding wrote for a newspaper in 199. summit (dont memba exact ddate) Golding said that are true dark nature comes out through fear, which could be easily created on an island full of paranoia and no sensible adults to determine that there was in fact no beast on the island. Just done that in class only reason i know it tbh :p

Posted: 30-04-11 13:51 by Lydia

are was meant to be our * sorry

Posted: 30-04-11 13:52 by Lydia

Also fire is a symbolisation of hope on the island as it is the only way the boys could be rescued. This is ironic because when jack goes hunting he allows the fire to go out and Ralph gets very upset by this, this shows the boys complete seperation and difference of opinions as Jack clearly puts hunting and savagery in front of being resuced and returing to the macro-cosm. showing that he has completed his descent into savagery. Whereas Ralph prioritses being rescued showing that he cares about returining to the home countries conveying to a reader he is not completed his descent into savagery as he still recognises what is most important and what needs to be upheld rather than letting an animalistic instinct to hunt overtake this x

Posted: 30-04-11 13:56 by Lydia

Your Welcome guys!! :)

And thanks Lydia I like what you've written 


Posted: 05-05-11 20:33 by Zoeeee