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I think we should be able to make our names longer, I find the limited space confining XD

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Posted: 16-06-12 11:41 by Neon

there's a limited amount of space for your name?

Wow, it's true - you do learn a new thing everyday :D

Posted: 16-06-12 18:32 by Leah


Posted: 17-06-12 12:42 by sumaiyah


Posted: 17-06-12 12:44 by Renn

yes, there is! I find this quite upsetting! :O (lol XD)

Posted: 17-06-12 13:40 by Neon

Your name could be long enough :D However i suppose you could add on hhhynwtkwtsfw:D

hahaha you now what to know what this stands for way :D

Posted: 17-06-12 14:40 by NoirRose

ermmm okay =P

Posted: 18-06-12 14:11 by waqar

Does you name need to be any longerrr?
T O W T R R L N W K C H N W I A L O P S E B A T E O T D I J F T A E R S A A C S C S N*

:P lol, what were you planning to add onto the end anyways to make it longer, or were you gonnna write unabbreviated? 

:D :D

Posted: 19-06-12 17:16 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

unabbreviated, in slightly different words, it didn't fit :'(

Posted: 24-06-12 19:22 by Neon