Locking Discussions =P (don't be alarmed, guys)

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Re-Re, yep, I think it's a good idea - especailly for those days when ALL you do is procrastinate and then you suddenly realise that you have a huge chunk of revision to do (just me perhaps?), but I do agree that it should be optional :)

Posted: 13-06-12 11:50 by Neha.

Millie wrote:

well i think its a good idea and if people don't like it then THEY DON'T HAVE TO COMPLY. learn how to read guys, it clearly says OPTIONAL in bold, several times.

Thank you, Millie, and Neha for agreeing, at least some people understands plain and simple English. =P

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Posted: 14-06-12 20:06 by Re-Re

Fyzah :p , I am happy to learn that you like my fiancee. Or his face, at least. But he's MINE. I just wanted to put that out there. =P And there is more to him than his s*^y face, check out his album Doo-Wops and Hooligans. Music to your ears, thats not all about s*x, drugs and rock'n'roll, just real stuff. getting emotional need to control myself hehe

Posted: 14-06-12 20:11 by Re-Re

i love grenade! and the lazy song xD xxxx

Posted: 14-06-12 20:13 by Namita

Good on you =P Check out 'Talking To The Moon' and 'Count On Me'. You'll love them. (I hope.)

Posted: 14-06-12 20:33 by Re-Re

today I don't feel like doing anything (seriously, NOTHING, especially not revision! :P )

Posted: 14-06-12 20:34 by Neon

I just wanna lay in my bed... =P

Posted: 14-06-12 20:56 by Re-Re