Lining a product

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Hey, can someone please give me a detailed description fo why we line garments or bags and that. I know that it is to make the inside neater and hide stitches and stuff, it provides extra support as well I suppose, but I can't find much else......I've looked on the Internet and can't seem to find much :S

Posted: 06-05-11 17:08 by Aimee

Lining provides a slip for those lighter, see-through fabrics. it also provides a little bit more of the 'luxery' feel to the garment. It also adds to warmth and protection from rough fabrics like wool. It helps shape the garment and improves the structure of the garment. And finally makes the product last longer as it adds to durability. I got all my info from here which also tells you about types of linings : Hope this helped Aimee.

Sara :)

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Posted: 07-05-11 20:55 by Sara

Thank You so much Sara, it did help me indeed :D

Posted: 08-05-11 17:09 by Aimee

Your welcome and I was more than gald to be of help!! :)

Posted: 08-05-11 17:23 by Sara

It also stops anything like deodorant or perspiration from staining the outside of the garment, as it only stains the lining, or sometimes not even that if the lining has a stain resist finish :)

Posted: 17-05-11 15:56 by Elisabeth