Les Miserables

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What's everyone's opinion on this amazing show? :)

Posted: 30-03-12 10:41 by Taylerrrrrrrr<3

r u french??

Posted: 30-03-12 13:29 by aliimz

Nope, i'm english :)

Posted: 17-04-12 12:32 by Taylerrrrrrrr<3


Posted: 17-04-12 17:18 by aliimz

Les miserable is awesome, seriously cant wait for the movie this year

Posted: 09-05-12 13:37 by Abbie-Louise Read

yh its a great film Abbie, aliimz and Taylerr email me on [email protected] ** cheers **

Posted: 12-05-12 11:44 by faizan rashid

never saw it.

Posted: 12-05-12 12:20 by LP-FTW

yo LP-FTW do u have aliimz hotmail adress if u do send it to [email protected] and btw LP-FTWu a boy or a girl

Posted: 12-05-12 12:27 by faizan rashid

dude your a stalker ^^^

Posted: 12-05-12 12:35 by LP-FTW

i aint man i just wanna find out her email cos she  messaged me and i didnt get her email

Posted: 12-05-12 12:36 by faizan rashid

I got a great idea. go on Mathematics and name it aliimiz. then just ask her email. Hopefully she can see this so she know's what's going on. Then after u got her email, edit the discussion so no-one can see.

Posted: 12-05-12 12:39 by LP-FTW

cheers fam

Posted: 12-05-12 12:41 by faizan rashid

I Hate slang. 

Fam?! Moist?! Bruv?! WTF?!!?!?! Luckly I never grew up on the streets and have some real english. 

Posted: 12-05-12 13:45 by LP-FTW

I don't know never watched it is it good or really bad?

Posted: 12-05-12 14:35 by NoirRose

According to Taylerrrrrrr<3 it's 'amazing' 

Posted: 12-05-12 14:41 by LP-FTW

Yes but what do you think :)

Posted: 12-05-12 15:04 by NoirRose

i've never watched it either

Posted: 12-05-12 15:10 by LP-FTW

Yay someone else who doesn't watch operas 

Posted: 12-05-12 15:17 by NoirRose

yeah i don't like some opera ****

Posted: 12-05-12 15:21 by LP-FTW