learning techniques for german speaking

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has anyone got any techniques for remembering all the german speaking stuff.. theres so much! please help :D ha x

Posted: 07-04-10 15:39 by natalie

hey, im afraid the only way i have is saying it over and over again and putting on funny accents :D

Sorry, anyone else?

Posted: 07-04-10 17:57 by I P B

yeh ive tried that it does work but gets boring :( ha

Posted: 07-04-10 18:42 by natalie

yh it does at times

Posted: 07-04-10 18:51 by I P B

What I do is write out the whole presentation on paper. After going through it many (boring) times, you should start to learn it. Eventually, you could use small prompts for bits you forget. Another idea is to write questions you will / might be asked. Then you can plan answers for each question what you would say. My teacher also gave us a tick sheet of key things we needed to include for top grades - obwohl, um... zu etc. - which you tick off each time you use them. This would be good to make sure that you are including what you can!! :)

Hope this helps!! :D

Posted: 18-04-11 13:54 by Emma

is this AS speaking?

for me, the easiest way to revise is just keep writing them out over and over again. that way you're more likely to be able to picture the words during your exam making it easier to remember.

you could also record them as an mp3 and put them on your ipod or whatever? if you have an ipod and itunes then you can go into the 'get info -> lyrics' tab and type in the words so that you can listen to and read your answers at the same time! that worked for my sister when she went through the same thing a few years ago.

hope i helped!! :)

Posted: 21-04-11 22:07 by Charlotte

Lol, i just have a general conversation with my friends in German, but don't try just sayin everything. learn the vocab and all the rules PROPERLY and then it'll be REALLY easy to learn it, and that way you wouldn't need to actually learn the entire thing cos u can just improvise :)

Posted: 08-06-11 15:20 by Randomerxx

i write down every sentence on a separate card, because they're such small samples it really sticks in your brain! i learnt about 800 words in spanish in less than an hour using that method :)

Posted: 08-06-11 15:33 by Kelly:)

wow well done! i can learn things ok, my brain picks things up fast but then i forget them after ive done the oral :) - got mine on friday 17th - holidays and stuff, i have to make up possible questions and answers. One of the questions my friend got was 'what would you do if you were Boris Johnson?' :o

Posted: 08-06-11 15:37 by Randomerxx

Just write revision cards and keep going over and over them until you know them testing yourself-separate them into topics and then a pile for the ones you know and a pile for the ones you still have to learn. It's useful to draw little grids for advantages/disadvantages of topics to see how much you can remember.

Posted: 09-06-11 22:13 by Annika Mathews