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This might appear odd, but I want people's views on something I feel strongly about. I just vented this little paragraph in a word document and felt like sharing it with others:

Wouldn’t it just be great to spend your entire life learning?

Just filling that tiny brain with millions of pieces of information, letting it sink in until you can recall it instantly. Wouldn’t you just love to keep having the sensation of ‘getting it’? That moment when everything just clicks and it all feels great, so you want to learn something new.

Realising that I only have around five or six years left of learning makes me feel sad. I wish I could learn everything that there is to learn. Once I’d learnt the stuff that comes from books, I’d learn languages and culture. I’d visit every single country that there is, making notes on all of them and comparing them. I’d travel down to the bottom of the ocean and up as far as could be reached in space. I’d know all the constellations and every grain of sand. If I could be paid to learn until the day I died, that is what I’d do.

I long to keep filling my brain with stuff. Even if the ‘stuff’ is rarely used, I want to know it just for the sheer satisfaction of knowing that I have learnt something, and this makes me feel proud.


Posted: 31-10-12 00:33 by AmazingHollyIsNotOnFire

I like what you have written but I don't agree that you stop learning as soon as you finish school or uni. I think you learn more from visiting places, meeting new people etc and that it is a better way to learn than stuck at school. I think the knowledge you learn from school/uni opens more doors so you have more opportunities to learn more. So don't feel sad that you only have 5/6 years of learning left because you don't just stop learning stuff.

Hope this makes some sort of sense!

Posted: 31-10-12 10:12 by Sophie

no way are you in your final few years, there's always more to learn, and you'll find out better stuff when you are choosing your own subjects, rather than being confined to school subjects :)

Posted: 01-11-12 09:12 by Neon