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I have a GCSE Speaking exam on holidays coming up and i can't find any existing pieces of writing, do you guys know any i could have a look at. Really im interested in some nice sentences and how to set everything up. How to structure paragraphs properly to include past, present, future, conditional and imperfect, to claim highest marks possible and so the text makes sense.

Thanks, Kamil

Posted Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 16:11 by Kamil
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what are the topics you are doing? :)

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 16:16 by Kelly:)
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Its writing on holidays a picture based discussion.

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 16:20 by Kamil
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the only document i have't got on the computer is my holidays one, sorry! x

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 16:25 by Kelly:)
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Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 16:26 by Kelly:)
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do you remember how you layed it out? What i have so far is;

Intro - "Cette une photo de..."

Then i have 2 Sentences where i usually go

And then i have a paragraph on where i went how i travelled .

Any ideas what i can put after that?

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 16:32 by Kamil
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Yeah: say 'on peut voir' as well and I just arranged it in paragraphs :)
try and put some future in the presentation to secure you those few extra marks and put opinions in too!! are you doing a presentation and then answering questions?
Say who you went with and what accommodation to stayed in as well :)

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 16:51 by Kelly:)
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Ye, gotta answer some questions too, but if i include a lot in my actualy presentation - give sufficient information they are looking for, i will probably get asked less or easy questions.

Thanks for you answer Kelly ;) x

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 17:09 by Kamil
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ah yes! same with all mine!
you're welcome Kamil ;)
also (don't know whether you've done a speaking exam before) just stay calm and answer every question! And don't look at the time :) **

Answered Fri 3rd June, 2011 @ 20:43 by Kelly:)