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Hi everyone, i will be applying to university once i get my AS grades this year and i can't decide between law or economics. i Thought i would pick which ever i get the best grade in but i strongly think that i achieved the same in both.

Basically im looking for anyone who maybe has had the same discion to make. I need help.


Posted: 20-07-12 13:37 by miles


Posted: 21-09-12 00:42 by Tom

You should look into what course you want to do at uni
Look at the entry requirements and see if it would prefer one
Also law is often considered a 'soft subject' so for that reaso economic may be better 

Posted: 21-09-12 00:46 by Alex

Economics is master race. Law is pleb.

Posted: 21-09-12 00:48 by Tom

This was posted a while ago, what did you choose and achieve Miles?:) 

Posted: 21-09-12 00:51 by Alex

Pleb ^
do u even hav a gf u w0t m8

Posted: 21-09-12 00:52 by Tom

no, Alex is cool- he helps a lot of people on this site and he's really friendly :)

Posted: 21-09-12 11:57 by Neon

Some universities offer economics and law as a combined subject

Posted: 21-09-12 12:27 by Amba

I don't knoww about law but i HIGHLY reccomend economics, its a really good key to lots of degrees as it gives you an insight into the world of business :)

Posted: 21-09-12 14:22 by Lamise Hassan