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anyone required help in law?

doing law LLB at university level, so can help for alevel or uni level year 2

Posted: 22-02-11 21:32 by rupal

hey, im doing business law at alevel, im finding it really boring. i just dont get the sources of law, law of contract, business formation, any tips for revision, my exam is in june

Posted: 25-02-11 13:34 by sonia

hey, you would have been taught which cases have the legal principles, you need to make sure you know them, and always apply it to the question, law of contract is pretty easy but you need to know your way around the case law properly, the law is within the cases, check if you get a case list in the exam. i'm not sure about the business side law as i hvent done it, if you have particular topics within law of contract, let me know, will let you know what you need to know in depth and what not, in terms of the sources of law, i'm not sure what you mean by that? what topics are within it? i'm aware of primary and secondary legislation, statutory interpretation ect if thats what you mean

Posted: 01-03-11 16:02 by rupal

i reallyneed help on everything on the judiciary

Posted: 03-03-11 11:12 by marie

what board are you doing for law?

Posted: 04-03-11 16:59 by rupal

I'm doing AS law. the Judiciary comes under the legal system, and is fairly short. You only have to about judges, independence and evaluation of the judiciary.

in this topic, they give you the different types of judges, like the Lord Chief Justice, and also judges who have a role in the Magistrates Court, Crown and Appeal courts. Maybe knowing the roles and work of judges could also help, how they work in a civil case and a criminal case.

it helps to know training, if they ever ask about how they are trainied. also, learn about dismissal.

if you have an AQA Law AS textbook, that also helps.

Posted: 07-03-11 18:37 by pryanka sharma

yeah thats pretty much what you would need to know, but also know the advantages and disadvantages on juries compare it briefly (one sentence or two) with magistrates, show how their role differ

Posted: 12-03-11 16:01 by rupal

you need to compare the fact that the role differs depending on the level of the court, eg magistrates, minor offences are heard, the role differs, the higher the court, the more extensive the role of the judiciary, compare a sentence or two with  the role of the juries. You only need to know the role of the key types of judges not all. To be honest, if you have the option on picking a different topic other than judiciary depending on your level of knowledge for the additional ones go for it if you are comfortable to. questions on judiciarys are quite indepth as it involves quite a lot to remember and write, especially if you want to get a good grade not just a standard one.

Posted: 12-03-11 16:13 by rupal

Hey, I'm really interested in doing a law degree at university but I have been told therefore I shouldn't do it at A-Level, which is fine by me, but I've got a work experience placement at Chambers and I was hoping one of you might give me a brief outline of the English Judical System. The books I've read are far too in depth and hopefully one of you might be able to give me a basic introduction to Criminal Law. Thanks! 

Posted: 19-03-11 12:45 by Tickle

i did alevel law, theres no problem if you want to do a law degree, i think its better for you to do alevel law first, it really shows whether you can cope with all the ridiculous law, believe me if you struggle at alevel uni is worse, it gives you a better insight of what is expected, uni is completely different, the standards are much higher, an example : once a coursework is set, your basically on your own, you cannot ask lectures for help, they might support you and give hints but not all lectures are helpful. law at uni is very substantive, not a joke or trying to put you off, but i actually hate law since i started doing it at uni

Posted: 21-03-11 19:53 by rupal

i think thats awesome that you got a work placement at the chambers, how did you manage to do that?

Posted: 21-03-11 19:56 by rupal

Thanks for the advice! I think I might stick to my guns with this one, I'm planning on doing English lit. government and politics, history and economics at a level although now I might consider substituting one for law!! Luckily, I have a great friend and both of her parents are criminal barristers, I'm so excited about it...I take it it's hard to  get law work experience placements at uni?

Posted: 22-03-11 17:04 by Tickle