Latin Prose Literature OCR 2013 - Sagae Thessalae

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Can anyone give me any tips on how to revise for this??? It would be very much appreciated! I have a mock exam on this tomorrow afternoon!

Posted: 14-01-13 15:27 by Henry Edwards

Revise the whole story and know the order of events.
For example:
Thelyphron is in Thessaly going to the Olympic Games --> Hears an old man proclaiming that  a dead body needs a guard --> is lead to guard the corpse --> weeping woman in dark clothes --> at night weasel enters --> falls into a deep sleep --> wakes up and receives reward --> procession for dead body --> "citizens for the sake of your honour, for the sake of your public duty help a murdered citizen..." --> weeping woman denies all criticism --> Zachlas (famous Egyptian prophet) brings corpse back to life --> corpse makes speech about how he and Thelyphron had same name --> Thelyphron realises his ears and nose were wax --> does not return to homeland

That is a short summary, but if know the jist of the story then you can answer most questions :) I have the real exam in just over a month and I'm assuming you do too. Best of luck :)

Posted: 15-04-13 17:39 by Amicable but Opinionated