latin literature GCSE....*gulp*

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How did everyone find Germanicus and Piso? They made loads of mistakes in the literature one paper, they were calling Canius Pythius by mistake and claiming Tacitus wrote Clodia instead of Cicero =( It was really confusing....but hopefully they'll give us extra points!!!! =D

Posted: 21-06-11 18:09 by Moggerfrog

I missed out the 8 mark question in the verse paper by accident. =( That's loads of marks gone...

Posted: 22-06-11 17:04 by Moggerfrog

Ewww. it was an awful question (on section b), I doubt I got many marks on it. But I think the ten mark questions were okay.

Posted: 22-06-11 20:47 by hiuu billy

Yeah, the ten markers weren't too bad I suppose, it's just that 8 marks is obviously quite a lot to just go out the window...

Posted: 26-06-11 17:55 by Moggerfrog

hmm, glad everything's over

Posted: 02-07-11 18:25 by Moggerfrog

i did my prose last year failed and am having to retake again but a different text even though it may look like a lot of work don't underestimate how important it is i am now having to take 4 latin exams due to this :/

Posted: 03-04-12 09:17 by megan Latham

I know how you feel; I had to do 4 exams last year as well. I had tons of translation notes that I could have given you, if the Prose texts hadn't changed of course... Just keep revising, make sure you know all the vocab and grammar needed for the Unseens, and all the translation and literary notes for the Set Texts, and you will be fine!

Posted: 03-04-12 13:52 by Fiddle

yeah, good luck -- we all know it can seem horrendous when you're confronted with all of those chunks of latin to learn but I'd say most important for the unseens is the vocab -- if you know all the words then you can use your common sense to construct the sentence- obvs. the grammar is important too but I had a pretty loose grasp of it last year and still bluffed my way through with good marks :p

Posted: 03-04-12 18:17 by Moggerfrog

by the way -- what have the texts changed to?

Posted: 03-04-12 18:18 by Moggerfrog

We're going to be doing Aeneas (Virgil) and Pliny...

Posted: 04-04-12 18:50 by Nadia Smile

is that the aeneid book 2 Escape from burning Troy? If so I may be able to salvage some of my notes from last year!

Posted: 04-04-12 21:50 by Moggerfrog

I have just checked the GCSE Set Texts, and it seems the Aeneas is the same, but with an extra 3 lines. So, if anyone needs them, here are my translation flashcards:

If someone is willing to supply me with a version of the Latin and a translation, I can add in the last 3 lines if someone really wants me to.

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Posted: 04-04-12 23:45 by Fiddle

Ahh.. slight issue as I've deleted all my Latin stuff last year in a fit of happiness that I finished :s  but I can reccomend this website which has voice recordings of many of the texts so you can listen to it over and over again and it sticks better than looking at it (and you won't go hoarse from trying to read it out like I did... :p )

Posted: 05-04-12 09:27 by Moggerfrog

''If someone is willing to supply me with a version of the Latin and a translation, I can add in the last 3 lines if someone really wants me to.''

Fiddle, I've posted the translation and latin text for last year on the previous post if you still want it :p

Posted: 05-04-12 11:54 by Moggerfrog

@ Moggerfrog

Because the notes you have uploaded are the notes you used last year, for the 2011 exams, they don't have the extra 3 or so lines.

Examined lines:

2011: Lines 268-280, 298-317, 624-654, 671-716, 768-792 

2012: Lines 268-280, 298-317, 624-654, 671-716, 768-795 

You might need to strain your eyes to see the difference, but it's there :3 Why OCR decided to add an extra 3 lines, I have no idea. I'll probably look for the latin and translation myself if i have time.

Posted: 05-04-12 14:08 by Fiddle

Probably because the end of the extract was three lines short of the end of the book! Why they had it like that before I can hardly fathom! --after Creusa fading into nothing there was a bit where Aeneas says he clutched at thin air for a while and then the book ends but last year OCR cut the last bit for some weird reason -- looks as though they've decided to add it back in for continuity!

Posted: 05-04-12 14:19 by Moggerfrog

We just finished learning a bit in book 12 of the Aeneid and our teacher said that's what we'd be doing for the GCSE...

Posted: 05-04-12 17:33 by Nadia Smile

book 12? Oh right -- good luck then - I haven't the first clue about that part but the same things still apply -- I'd actually keep working my way through the extract making sure I can accurately translate all the parts - if you can't do one bit then learn it so you can translate it if you've got the latin -- you don't need to know the translation off by heart, you just need to know it well enough to translate if the Latin's in front of you!

Posted: 05-04-12 17:55 by Moggerfrog

@Nadia If you are doing Book 12, that means that you are doing the Verse exam next year. Therefore, you have a lot of time to know the text inside out, but keep revising the texts throughout Yr 11 to make sure that you don't panic when it's only a month before the exams. After all, it's easy to forget them once you are done studying them :)

Posted: 05-04-12 20:55 by Fiddle

Thanks for the tips guys! (:

Posted: 20-04-12 19:31 by Nadia Smile

Hey good luck everyone doing Latin this year!!!!! :) believe me I know what your going through! But just stick with it and keep working because you can come out of this with a good grade which will look AMAZING as Latin is one of the GCSEs that is still almost as hard as it's always been! Just thought you might need some moral support like I did at this time last year!

Posted: 28-05-12 12:17 by hoppy