last minute exam stress techniques

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does anyone have any tips for last minute exam stress, like 30mins before you do the exam? thanks:)

Posted: 14-05-13 17:29 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Don't cram in too much revision last minute, just use that time to really relax and de-stress, so that you can start your exam without feeling rushed or pressured - I like to get a cup of tea or coffee before my exams if your school/college does it, I always feel better for it! :)

Posted: 14-05-13 17:45 by Naomi Arnold

thanks, i often thought of eating chocolate before the exam but i don't want to feel sick in the exam XD I don't drink tea or coffee but i like other hot drinks so i'll try that, i live close enough to college to go home and have these., what about listening to music? has that helped anyone?

Posted: 14-05-13 17:53 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

ahh okay, yeah maybe just eat a bit of chocolate if you're worried about feeling sick - aw yeah I forgot about music, that would be a great idea, I have done that before in some of my GCSEs! just stick something on that will put you in a good mood and get you ready for it - something either happy and upbeat to get you motivated or something relaxing to take the stress element away :)

Posted: 14-05-13 21:17 by Naomi Arnold

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Posted: 31-08-13 12:57 by Malt

Don't go through your notes if you had 30 minutes left before your exam starts. Just stay away from the people who are doing that and who are opening up revision guide books because they will just make you panic. Eat a bannana and dring plenty of water. Go over things i your head.

Posted: 01-09-13 20:16 by halimah