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Heyy, im in year 11 and thinking of what a level options to do next year.I want to do chemistry, biology and psychology but im not sure of my last option. I was thinking of doing german more than maths but some people were saying that maths is better as more universities prefer it than language. Are these good subjects? Should i do german? Any help appreciated...thankyou!! :)(Btw i want to have a career in science in the future e.g medicine, dentistry, pharmacy...)

Posted Mon 15th October, 2012 @ 17:18 by S.H

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I'm not an expert on this but I would have thought that maths would be more important than a language if you definatly want a career in medicine, however languages can raise your salary, according to my spanish teacher.

Answered Mon 15th October, 2012 @ 18:06 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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I'd go for maths because it will be useful for everything and I think it's better suited for medicine stuff, plus it's really quite good :)

Answered Mon 15th October, 2012 @ 21:02 by Joanne
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Hey cupcake,

U know the world is moving faster and faster not technically but technologically so now the competition is tighter in everything and it is almost a necessity to know another foreign tongue but some subjects like maths will always be on the what should you do???

I suggest that you take German (coz languages need a teacher, physically to hear the pronuounciation, asses...blah blah blah) and then register for Mathematics privately online! That way you'll hav both qualifications and will get a better job in furutre since you will be a lingual and a mathematical gineus with a highly paying job!!!

Hope I've helped and sorry 4 my awfull spellings (the keys on my laptop are dying) PS. if u want info on private online registration i culd giv u a hand.

Gud luk;)

Answered Tue 16th October, 2012 @ 05:45 by Aneesa
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to be honest you need to choose what you like best.. if you like maths more than english than pick maths because you dont want to pick a subject where you are going to struggle and not like at all i.e. like me i choose psychology and didnt even like it after 1 week of doing it... even though we had like a taster day to see how it would be... if you want to be a dentist or something along the lines of that you have to pick biology and chemistry i think but literature is a good subject ive picked it in As we do a section of poems from the war... 
Hope i was useful :D 

Answered Mon 15th October, 2012 @ 22:56 by sharaan
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Thankyou everyone for replying and giving helpful advice!! 

Answered Tue 16th October, 2012 @ 16:42 by S.H