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How much harder is it than GCSE? My french teacher said that I should seriously consider it. At the moment I am doing GCSE french and spanish, prefer french but always speak spanish in both languages. I think therefore I am stronger at spanish, but I dont like my spanish teacher, and she is the a level spanish teahcer. ANY WAY, should I do one? and which one? Are they much harder? My levels are high B's, A's and then random A*'s (in readings of both).

Sorry its a long read,  but hopefully you can help!

Posted: 31-01-13 21:18 by noodles_are_nice:)

I took German at AS level and really enjoyed it. It was quite a big step up and lots of vocab learning to keep on top of! I would pick the one you enjoy the most as you don't really motivated when you don't like the subject.

Posted: 01-02-13 19:04 by Sophie

I do A2 level Spanish and absolutely love it, in fact, I am doing at uni in a sandwich course. It is quite a big step up but if you're doing well at GCSE you'll probably do well at A level as long as you genuinely enjoy the subject and are willing to work at learning grammar and lots of vocab. You'll come out of A-level semi fluent and be able to enjoy it much more. And as for not liking your teacher - if you want to do a language, absolutely do not let not liking your teacher stop you, you will look back and realise how petty that is. Teachers change when teaching a - level and treat students on a more equal level so the dynamic could easily alter.

Posted: 08-02-13 14:09 by Evie

My friend does AS level French and says it okay, but hard obviously as there's lots to know and you have to be good at your language, and be really interested in it if you want to do well.

Posted: 08-02-13 17:20 by Joanne