Keywords for Islam GCSE?

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Ok, so i'm doing an Islam GCSE (well actually HALF a gcse) on Thursday! I'm worried! And I could REALLY do with some help on the keywords department! So pleeeaassee help me?! Many Thanks

Lauren.. :)

Posted Mon 6th June, 2011 @ 17:04 by Lauren Wilson

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War and Peace 

Harb al-Muqadis (Holy War)

 Jihad means ‘to struggle in the way of Allah’.

 Greater Jihad is the way in which every Muslim makes a personal effort to follow the teachings of Allah (God) and to fight evil.

Lesser Jihad is when Muslims fight to protect their religion.

Or just use bitesize it really helps here is the link:

Good luck for your exam on Thursday i got mine next Tuesday on Christianity


Answered Mon 6th June, 2011 @ 17:56 by Daphne
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Unit 1: Beliefs and Values Din: the way of life (the belief and practise of Islam). Islam: peace gained through submission of Allah. Muslim: one who has submitted to Allah by accepting Islam. Quran: that which is read or recited/the holy book of Islam. Tawhid: the unity and oneness of Allah. Ibadah: All acts of worship/ any permissible action to obey Allah. Shirk: The sin of regarding anything as an equal or partner of Allah Creativity: The action of creating the universe by Allah. Iman: Faith in Allah. Khalifah: Custodian or steward of the world for Allah. Al-Qadar: Allah's control of future events. Risalah: Muslim belief about the Prophets of Allah.

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Unit 2: Community and Tradition: Hadith: Sayings and actions of the Prophets Muhammad as recorded by his family and friends. Sunnah: The sayings and deeds of the Prophet. Authority: The power and right to make demand of others. Bismillah: The words that begin every surah and in the name of Allah. Qadi: A judge in Islamic Law. Shari'ah: Islamic law based on the Qur'an and Sunnah Ulama: Scholars of Islamic law and jurisprudence (the study of law) Ummah: The worldwide Muslim community. Masjid: Place of prostration Imam: A person who leads salah prayers (5 compulsory daily prayers). Shi'ah: Muslims who believe that the first 4 caliphis were rightly guided. Sunni: Muslims who believe that the first 4 caliphs were rightly guided.

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Unit 4: Living the Muslim life Dar-ul-Islam: The abode of Islam/lands ruled by the Shari'ah. Halal: That which is permitted and lawful. Haram: That which is forbidden or unlawful. (e.g. charging interest on a loan, Pre-marital sex and alcohol. Greater jihad: Struggle to overcome evil in one's own life. Lesser jihad: Struggle in the cause of Islam to overcome injustice in society. Aqiqa: The birth ceremony for Muslim children Madrasah: Qur'anic school attatched to the mosque. Janazah prayers: The special salah used at funerals. Hijab: The headscaf worn by Muslime Women. Capitalism: The economic system adopted by most western governments. Riba: Any form of borrowing or lending money at interest. Sadaqah: Voluntary payment of charity or good acts of charity.

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You can get these keywords from this book: Edexcel GCSE Islam. I dont know why they joined up together I did leave spaces between each keyword. Hope this helps.

Answered Wed 8th June, 2011 @ 10:17 by Tasnim
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WOW thanks guys! :D ***

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Thats orite!

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Unit 3: Worship and celebration Shahadah: The delaration of faith in Allah and His Prophet. Salah: The 5 daily prayers. Wudu: The washing that must take place before salah. Zakah: A tax which Muslims must pray for poor. Ramadan: The 9th month when the Qur'an says all Muslims must fast. Sawm: Fasting by going without food and drink during daylight hours. Id-ul-Fitr: The festival of breaking the fast. Hajj: The annual pilgrimage to Makkah. Qiblah: The direction of the Ka'bah in Makkah. Tawaf: Going round the Ka'bah 7 times in worship of Allah. Arafat: A plain near Makkah where pilgrims confess their sins. Id-ul-Adha: The festival of the sacrifice.

Answered Wed 8th June, 2011 @ 09:53 by Tasnim
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Lauren Wilson wrote:

Ok, so i'm doing an Islam GCSE (well actually HALF a gcse) on Thursday! I'm worried! And I could REALLY do with some help on the keywords department! So pleeeaassee help me?! Many Thanks

Lauren.. :) 

ok lauren are you a muslim? if not then pretend you are one think how they behave act and do things.for one day try to become one as in pretend you are one already and do their activitys

Answered Sat 14th December, 2013 @ 18:56 by aola
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trying to think of how a muslim can find certain aspects of islam more important than others. Such as Muhammah, the last prophet and jesus who was also a prophet

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