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hey everyone, im new here and i was just wondering if anyone can help me..

i have been revising for about 2 weeks now, about an hour a night and it just feels like everything is going to waste and i am wasting my time, this gets me really frustrated so i was wondering if any of you have any tips for keeping track of progress or something like that?

thanks, callum

Posted: 05-09-12 23:02 by curlyfro

how are you revising may i ask?

reading notes?

making notes?

practice questions

past papers?

then it will be easier to give you advice:)

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Posted: 11-09-12 01:48 by Alex

i am writing out notes and making flashcards:)

Posted: 15-09-12 10:09 by curlyfro

I used to do that but i've found the most efficient way of revising is doing lots of questions.
You should do as many past papers as you can - they don't even need to be the same bard, just the same topic
You should also try doing every single question in your exercise book and any revision guides you have
you can repeat them a couple of times, now and they closer to your exams
However you MUST mark them. by marking them you can see where you have gone wrong and how to improve, it's useless if you odn't mark.

By doing past papers you can also identify your weaker areas and do extra revision for those:)

You should also revise in exam conditions, you'll find it easier to remember in the exam. also drink water as a hydrated brain learns better:)

Repeat repeat repeat and eventually it will stick :)

Posted: 15-09-12 11:25 by Alex