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I was just wondering if this is possible.. its just I like to have things organised and all that..and it might be helpful..

on our profile page you can access all the resources that person has made, is it possible to put all those resources in subject folders.. for example all my english resources i made is in a folder titled in english.. so when people click on my profile page and want to see recources i have for english they just click on the folder titled "english" rather than having to scroll through and search all the pages..helpes quicken the process, find things quicker and just keeps your resources more organised..

do u understand wat i mean ?? ( sorry i know im fussy, n like to be organised but thats just me)

Posted: 07-04-13 16:23 by ? Secret - Team GR

That would be really good actually. So like you could have folders for each different subject. It would be really helpful cause then you could click on the subject and have all the resources you made just for that subject. 

I would like that.

Posted: 10-04-13 11:44 by Tilly - Team GR

yep.. plus some users have so many resources like Tilly (its a good thing :) and we dont always have time so go through all the pages.. so we might miss some good resources the user has created..

Posted: 10-04-13 13:34 by ? Secret - Team GR

Yeah. Plus some people are studying A level and still have their GCSE ones really far back so people don't see them.

It should be like 

Biology: A level

Biology: GCSE

So it's split into subject and level 

Posted: 10-04-13 15:33 by Tilly - Team GR

great idea, really great if this could happen

Posted: 10-04-13 16:41 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I was only thinking yesterday it would be a good idea or at least have a way to not have the newest resources top by default. Sometimes you might have a few resources that people ask for a lot and it seems a bit rude to direct them to your profile if they then have to wade through pages of newer recourses. Expecially if they can't use the sort by functions to make it easier 

Posted: 10-04-13 22:52 by James Ellis