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im really havingdiffulty with this topic please can someone help me

can someone tell me

what are jucial functions

about the independence of the jury

an elected juriary

Posted: 01-03-11 10:19 by marie

Judiciary is about the Judges not the jury, independance of jury comes under the topic of Juries

Posted: 25-03-11 10:32 by Jakob Kratky

thanks do you know what are the problems wityh judiciary

Posted: 10-04-11 14:19 by marie

Yep, the person above is correct, its not about the Jury but the judges, an unelected but appointed body. The judicary's functions are to dispence justice, making sure no one goes above law. Interpretting and declaring coomnon law, and interpretting statute law, Dont need to worry too much about the types of law, just what the judiciary do.

The judiciary are an independent body, or try to be, as they have secuirty of tenure, they cannot be fired. Just dimissed on bad conduct or retire. they are also independent as they are appointed through a process taken by the Judicial appointments commisioner. Lastly, they are 'geographically' seperate to where westminister as they have moved to some other place, cant remeber the name! Hoped i helped!

Hope its not too late!

Posted: 27-03-12 17:59 by Alice Smith