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I have four As level exams in January, OCR Biology, AQA Chemistry, AQA psychology edexcel maths(statistics S1)- Have you started revision if you have As exams I'm worried I've started to late as I towards the end of November- for psychology and maths I haven't done much. How is everyone feeling about the January exams? When did you start your revision?

Posted: 12-12-12 23:59 by sophie

I started after my mocks, so the middle of november, i have AS geography. My mock went well, so i'm not feeling to bad about it, but I am a bit nervous.

Posted: 13-12-12 06:15 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

sorry 'thegirlwhoknewtoomuch' but i love MIKA to!

Posted: 13-12-12 12:09 by Kirstey

omg thanks, been trying to find someone else who does on here whats your favourite song? if its possible to choose on that is i have loads.

Posted: 13-12-12 13:49 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I like big girls but justin Bieber is better!!!

Posted: 13-12-12 19:05 by Kirstey

yeah 'big girl' is great. i love 'popular song' and 'emily' from his new album, and i have always loved 'rain'

Posted: 13-12-12 21:06 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

i have looooooooooooooads to do too. conc. on past papers.

Posted: 17-12-12 21:53 by nicet

i havent really started my revision for my AS exams yet, but then again i only have one exam (sociology)

Posted: 18-12-12 13:31 by hannah<3

I have four exams in january too, OCR Biology, OCR Chemistry, Edexcel Maths (C1 and S1).

I have just started revising, I have mocks this week then i will revise for the whole holidays :/

Posted: 18-12-12 21:33 by Sara

OCR biology chemistry and physics, each within one day of each other (9th then 10th then 11th)... Christmas isn't going to be fun :P

Posted: 19-12-12 15:07 by Hummi C

I am going to start revising today! Aaah! I get distracted very easily though. I feel as if I've got  a lot to learn as I don't really understand biology. And as for chemistry I only know bits and bobs. Ive got Maths - C1 to revise as well. Someone help???

Posted: 22-12-12 10:22 by kasthuri

Is this the real exam or mock exam?

Posted: 22-12-12 11:38 by mo

I also have january exams , biology,business and english ..... I have an english tutor so my English pretty much is covered , for biology I have done some notes but still need revise and remember a few things .... As for business it's a re-sit so I think it will go better therefore I have made a few notes and went to a few revision classes in the holidays a few weeks back now I just need to do my own personal revision :) hope this helped but the best way I revise is mindmaps and a lot of PASTPAPERS! :)

Posted: 22-12-12 11:51 by manoor khan