is traffic count and pedestrian count a good method of collating data?

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any suggestions on alternatives for these methods please. 

Posted Sat 10th March, 2012 @ 12:22 by Ameenah:)

3 Answers

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Yes if you are going to compare one location with another

Answered Sun 11th March, 2012 @ 16:41 by Domenic Armaghanian
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yes if you want to compare and you can get some good graphs out of it 

Answered Sun 18th March, 2012 @ 21:19 by Nadine xx
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yeah they are good. Think about why you need them and which ones will work best. Im guessing this is for coursework.... Other methods are Environmental quality survey, housing quality survey, Tax disk survey. There are a few more if you google it :)

Answered Fri 6th April, 2012 @ 20:17 by Ashleigh Jukes