Is this Essay I wrote on Lord of the Flies any good?

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Here it is:

William Golding introduces the theme of evil vs. good as an inner conflict between the boys as they struggle to maintain their civilised values of which society thought them on the island. Golding presents the boys as being schoolchildren and they are unable to deal with their problems using reason or logic. Those who can like Ralph and Simon are able to but they cannot fully understand it.  Rivalries come between Ralph and Jack as they find it impossible to co-exist each with other, Jack becoming obsessed with his hunting which eventually leads to him becoming chief and Ralph trying to maintain the old rules that society had imposed on them as schoolboys.

The first act of evil is shown when Jack Merridew and his choir arrive on the beach. ‘’There was something dark...fumbling along....The creature was a party of boys, marching approximately in...two parallel lines... ‘’. Golding uses the arrival of the choir to emphasise that of a militant beast or animal and describes something ‘’ dark’’ hinting that there is something disturbing in the arrival of the choir which creates the effect of a dark atmosphere on the reader. The method Golding uses are the words ‘’ creature’’ and ‘’ marching approximately in two parallel lines.’’ The purpose of this gives the reader an impression of a tyrant.  Golding then also forewarns to the reader that Jack transforms from a hectic choir leader into a brutal savage dictator that cares for no one and manipulates the boy’s fear of the beasts to control them.

Golding shows Jack’s blunt dismissal as ignorance. ‘’ Ignore Simon; he’s always throwing a fit. ‘’ The effect creates on the reader as he becomes aware of Jack’s dismissal nature and ignorance. Golding deliberately uses this so the reader doesn’t feel any sort of feeling for Jack and therefore sympathises with Simon. Golding also shows that Jack is ignorant to any personal pain or suffering and doesn’t care in the least if any of his choir boys were injured or attacked. It also shows he maintains his authority among the choir boys and doesn’t tolerate any things he considers to be trivial.  Golding’s purpose shows that the ‘’ freckled’’ Jack is a tyrant in all sense. Pain or suffering makes no difference for a boy like him and he is already evil, which is Golding’s belief that evil is within everyone.

Golding also presents another form of evil through the bullying of Piggy by Jack. "'We musn't let anything happen to Piggy, must we?'’ Golding presents Jack’s sarcasm of Ralph standing up for Piggy and tells Piggy to ‘’ shut up, fatty’’ as he is often a weak target. Golding creates the effect sympathy in this way as the reader feels for Piggy and he will feel discontent for Jack. But he also reminds us that the purpose of society hasn’t changed and that bullying especially of boys like Piggy was considered to be normal at that time. He was subject to peer pressure. Golding also shows that Jack doesn’t command much respect for Piggy and tells he ‘’ talks too much ‘’ in a way that could be compared to Adolf Hitler who disliked criticism.

Golding eventually comes to the point in the novel in where the leadership between Jack and Ralph has come to its breaking point and there will be a fight to declare who is chief. Golding uses Jack to say ‘’ Who will join my tribe? ‘’ and then also mentions ‘’ I gave you protection ‘’. The effect of this is to show two things: Jack taking over the tribe, and to showed the reader that he kept on manipulating the boys fear of the ‘’ beast’’ until he was certain that he could take over. The purpose of this is to create tension and the climax between Jack and Ralph and to show that most of the boys are going to Jack’s tribe because he offers ‘’ food’’ and protection. Golding also shows that while Ralph is a symbol of democracy and leadership who believes in ‘’ rules’’ however Jack is a form of savagery and barbarity and the reader will notice this as he comes to sympathize more with Ralph as he desperately tries to reminds them off being ‘’ rescued’’ of the island and that he is still ‘’ chief ‘’. This is a clever device used by Golding to keep the reader interested and therefore sees through his eyes of how easily the boys cannot keep the rules as they let their natural instincts take them over. They aren't adults, they’re too young.

Golding shows Roger as a deep evil figure which could be compared to Hitler’s second in command, Himmler. For example, Roger in the first stages of the novel bullies the littleuns by throwing stones at their ‘’ sandcastles’’. The effect of this is to create sympathy for the litteluns so the reader can’t share any of the same feelings with Roger. Golding uses Roger here to present a deep dark side of him, and the reader may feel disturbed by his presence, because he carries out all of Jack’s dirty work. Another important point Golding suggests is that Roger ‘’ dare not throw’’ into that ‘’ space’’. The purpose of this is to not only inform the reader but foreshadow that he will become evil in the later stages of the novel. The reader should notice the fact that by the ‘’ space’’ which is created as an effect by Golding is to show that Roger is still restrained by society, very clearly for the purpose shown in this quote ‘’ taboo of the old life’’ and he would have received a punishment or beating from ‘’ protection of parents and school and policemen and the law. Golding also shows here that without the ‘’ protection’’ and ‘’ law’’ that the morals that must have been imposed on Roger is now taken away and he is free to succumb to his natural instincts which have so far restricted him in becoming evil.

Golding presents violence as they kill the sow. ‘’ this dreadful eruption from a unknown world made her frantic. ‘’ Golding uses this to create the effect shock the reader using powerful vocabulary such as ‘’ frantic’’ and ‘’ eruption’’ .The purpose of this is to show it is almost like a **** scene with the boys ‘’ hurling themselves at her’’. Golding’s intention is to show to the reader that they are no longer hunting for meat anymore, they are almost being ‘’ savages’’ and they are rapidly becoming evil. The reader can no longer feel any sympathy for any of them. Golding has made the reader realise by using this method that since their natural instincts have now taken over them, they cannot go back to being the boys they were once were. Without adults they are free to do whatever they want. Golding then uses the method of showing the sexual reference ‘’ Right up her ***! ‘’ which also is to make the reader feel disturbed but at the same time see how they become evil. The sow ‘’ squealed ‘’ which also makes the reader feel shocked and appalled at the boys behaviour. It is almost as if they’re ****** her, which Golding uses to show to us what would have happened had there been a ******* the island. It shows that the boys have become finally evil and even Roger joins in, becoming excited in the hunt.

Golding shows Simon’s encounter with the ‘’ Lord of the flies’’.  Flies have begun to fly around the head and blood drips to the floor. This is an effect created by Golding to show that the head has become a horrific symbol of what the violence has become on the island and is now being offered as ‘’ gift’’  to the ‘’ beast’’. The reader will feel that it has stooped so low that their fear of the beast has brainwashed their minds and has let them take over their minds and so will feel appalled and shocked at this.  Golding then purposefully doesn’t make the Sow’s head speak but he lets it speak through Simon’s head. ‘’You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go. ‘’ The reader cannot feel but be shocked by this revelation. Golding then shows that the ‘’ lord of the flies’’ is speaking inside Simon’s head. He shows that the ‘’ devil’’ inside of all us. The ‘’ lord of the flies’’ takes on the role of a ‘’ schoolmaster ‘’ and speaks in the tones in which Golding experienced when teaching boys at school. Golding then uses the Lord of the Flies to warn him not to reveal the truth or ‘’ We shall do you. See? ‘’ and that he is thus warned that he will be killed. This creates another effect on the reader as he is now into the story, he is excited yet feeling sympathy and feeling nervously for Simon. However Simon goes back to the boys and tries to tell them but he ends being killed. Golding uses this to show to the reader that had Simon not warned the boys, he had plenty of opportunities to do so, or another interpretation would be is that he did what he felt was right, but he was killed at the end of the novel.

In conclusion, the theme of good vs evil is presented through Golding showing us of how in each event the boys become evil, for example, killing the sow, the bullying of the littleuns and Piggy and the rivalry between Jack and Ralph. Golding wanted us to believe the fact that he felt evil was within everyone of us if we just took those rules that society imposed on us. His ‘’ Lord of the flies’’ was effectively all his thoughts, his feelings, and his emotions bundled up together was his message that evil was within everyone. And this novel effectively brings out everything he is trying to express here. Nevertheless, while I don’t agree that there is evil in everyone, I believe there is good in everyone except they just let their feelings take over them.

Posted Sat 20th April, 2013 @ 14:41 by Saigo Takormori

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Hi, your essay I think is very good. depending on which examination board you do determines whether or not they are pedantic about punctuation, however like me if you do WJEC they give 5 marks so just ensure that you have capital letters etc. Talk about alternate interpretations so the examiner knows you have analysed the quotes thoroughly and personally i must stress this is just my opinion i do not particularly think the sexual references are appropriate. In addition you might want to talk about how Golding's influence of the navy affects his writing. Hope that helps.

Answered Sun 21st April, 2013 @ 16:01 by Crystal
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Why Golding's reference to the navy? Really then we're not talking  about how his experinces with teaching children caused him to write the book. Yes this is WJEC, but I can't find how you cannot see any capitial letters in the essay? I can't figure out any alternate interpretations to be honest with you, it was hard to do so when writing this essay. Any alternate interpreatations you can find for me? I had to put the sexual reference in to show the violence and savegery,  otherwise why is there a theme for a sexual reference?

Answered Sun 21st April, 2013 @ 17:28 by Saigo Takormori
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This book wasn't just written because Golding taught kids, his influence of the war and its brutality encorouged many themes in ths novel. In addition to your alternate interpretations comment- alternate interpretations of the language, you have wrote the quote 'who will join my tribe'' what you could also add is that   jack does not say 'do you want' that quote shows that jack expects them to join his tribe he is assertive, thats what i mean in depth language analysis is what will get you into the top band. About the sexual reference to be honest i dont think a group of 5-7's 10-12 yr old boys think like that if you wanted to show savagery i can assure you there are an abundance of other quotes you can use but then again i cannot truly tell you what the examiner would think.

Answered Mon 22nd April, 2013 @ 19:37 by Crystal
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The lack of punctuation and the low level ability vocabulary would make this hard to get a high grade. Also there isn't much mention or the techniques that Golding uses to present each idea. Examples are microcosm and microcosm, even using the words forshadowing and protagonists would help. Also I have noticed alot of your 'quotes' aren't actually quotes; they are about the same subject as intended quote but this wouldn't be credited. It would also be good to state the question that this essay is about, also its very boring and the examiner will hate it :) good try though, if you want some more tips or anything just message me.

Answered Sat 20th April, 2013 @ 18:53 by Tom Tustain
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I'm sorry but since you posted an :) really your view doesn't work for me. I have used quotes and I have meationed techniques. Really how should I accept your stupid help? Sorry. It is not nesscaruy for me to accept your view.

Answered Sat 20th April, 2013 @ 19:29 by Saigo Takormori
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