Is there anyone who can help me with the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami Case Study?

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Posted Fri 15th February, 2013 @ 16:20 by katie

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there is the case study facts for it but if you need any other help just ask, i did this one at gcse and can still remember it quite well

Answered Fri 15th February, 2013 @ 16:25 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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It was 9 on the richter scale

A social effect: it had a high death toll, which left children orphaned and may have affected their future prospects.

Environmental effect: trees were uprooted, animals killed etc also cholera wasd on the spread and it was hard to get clean watef(social)

Economical: lots of damage the country cant afford so have to rely on international aid in the short term, but long term they are screwed

Answered Wed 20th March, 2013 @ 08:46 by anum