Is Psychology and Sociology hard in A- levels

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im going to do my A- levels in this September and i just want to know if they  are hard or not;  

Posted Sat 21st April, 2012 @ 21:33 by Estell

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I study psychology and sociology A2 level now and honestly if you put the right amount of work in, it's not very hard- I wouldn't say they're easy subjects but they are both very interesting if you want to learn about patterns and explanations for groups in society and individuals themselves.

The two subjects both have a lot of content to learn in terms of studies and theories and it takes a lot of revision to get your head round it.. then it's all a matter of applying it to exam questions- be very aware they are essay based- all through out sociology and the second year of psych. And with sociology some of it you can even get away with making it up and using common sense and you still get the marks, better to revise though obvs! (: 

Answered Sun 22nd April, 2012 @ 16:39 by Sonia
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i am currently doing both sociology and psychology a2 levels and i think that they are both really interesting. you do have to put effort in for the revision because there is a lot of names and research but it it is not really hard.

hope this helps.

Answered Mon 23rd April, 2012 @ 12:43 by A.A
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ok thanks Guys : i think i will be fine ..... I hope : they sound really interesting but im up for the challange anyway, if i have to revise day and night i will :D

Answered Thu 26th April, 2012 @ 18:12 by Estell
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I'm studying sociology AS at the moment and it is not hard but you need to be interested and good at remembering names of sociologists. 

If you have interest in family and how it plays a role in society; whether a married couple is the best type of family or whether lone parents should be treated the same - things like that!

I do not study psychology but from my friends they say that again you have to be good at remembering a lot of studies and names at it is more of how people think and act!

Hope it helps!

Answered Sat 21st April, 2012 @ 22:10 by Zai Has
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i do both subjects currently at a2, i have to say sociology is one of the easiest subjects you will come across and no revision will get you a D whereas a little revisin will get you A :)

whereas psychology is quite hard but its all memory so if your good at remembering stuff and you know how to revise you should be up in the A/B or even A* :)

they are both a really good combination along with communication and culture i suggest you go for it and try you best, good luck with whatever you decide to do :)

Answered Wed 2nd May, 2012 @ 18:56 by shamaila
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Hey ! , im currently revising for my A2 Psychology , ive already done this paper because im doing a third year at college be honest the first year is pretty easy going if you put in the effort trust me i know at first i didnt pay attention so i got an E but i resat it and actually did some revision and i got C  which is ok but better than a E i guess ...ive carried on with it to A2 its very interesting especially if your doing aqa the forensic psychology is good fun to learn about but as some people have already said theres a lot of work involved ...i have 3 booklets for one module and its content is hard going and then another 3 for my second module ...but its best to keep on like only  few weeks away from my last chance to get it right so i do hope i get my revision done ...and i recommend you doing psyhcology at college but making sure how much content the other subjects have so that your not struggling ....which i had a problem with in my first year with law and psychology work load ....also with business ,english and resit for gcse maths ...

Answered Thu 3rd May, 2012 @ 18:47 by jaimi
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Hey there, thanks alot for the information iv been reading a few post & I think as long as you have an interest for the subject then you'll do well but if you dont like it then id advice not too. Im currently in year eleven and Iv chosen English Lit, Biology, Sociology, Psychology at AS/A level. Is that a good combination to do a degree in either Social Work or Psycholgy?

Answered Sat 19th May, 2012 @ 00:04 by Faissal Ratyal
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I want to be a child physicologist and I am in Year 11, I picked A level psychology and health and social care btec level 3. Is it a good combination for university, thanks

Answered Tue 1st May, 2012 @ 22:06 by Kely