Is it too late for me to start revising in february?

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Hey everyone 

Well long story short - I've been on TSR and now I am using Get Revising to ask this same question (only because the answers I got before were a bit useless)

I was meant to start revising in October for my mock exams in Nvember/December but I was procrastinating so bad that I didn't bother 

I am going to start revision in February - when I say revision I mean kill it with flash cards and past exam papers 

From now till february I'm just refreshing my mind with content 

Do I have enough time to get the A's and A*s I am aspiring for>

How many hours should I do a day 

HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it normal to feel like you know nothing haha im dying here

Posted Fri 2nd January, 2015 @ 15:07 by Foridha

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Hi there,

I am guessing that you are referring to GCSE exams or whatever equivalent you may do, but in terms of answering your question, no it's not too late! For some people, that might actually be considered quite early! Haha. I am also taking the upcoming ones in 2015, and I've had lots of advice from people, who gained A's/A*'s. I tend to hear that the absolute latest you should wait until properly revising would be around-abouts Easter time. 

What's also important, is that you don't want to be draining yourself of energy by constantly revising from February until exam-time. Trying to "kill it" with flash cards and past exam papers with little breaks may end up doing more harm than good. So please be careful! I think I'll personally try to start proper revision around-abouts in March, but then again, our school is talking about maybe having a second round of mocks in March, so I'll have to revise for those as well.

The fact that you are refreshing content right now is very good, as I haven't actually really gotten around to doing that yet! But yes, you should have enough time to try and achieve the grades you are aspiring for. I usually try to do 2-3 sessions of revision each day I revise (sessions meaning when I move onto another subject, or content for a different exam. I usually find Maths revision sessions longer then say, an R.E one, for example). While making sure that I take a break as soon as my mind starts going off to other places, and I find it harder to concentrate and process information.

But it may vary from person to person! I can't really fit much revision sessions in a day, and I still need 'fun time' for myself to keep me sane. So I try and balance it out by trying to revise earlier, but for somewhat less periods of time. I think on the days approaching the exams though, my brain will kick into paranoid mode, and I'll try squeeze in a lot more. Other people may find that they truly can 'cram' information quite quickly into their head, through longer and more intensive sessions. Although, I must advise, doing this kind of thing will NOT work in Higher Education, whereby unless you truly are a child genius, those who try to cram and do less work than others, will not get the good grades they're expecting. As a result, I'd advise trying to put some legitimate work into it, as good practice for what's beyond High School.

Finally, yeah, I find that pretty normal. Haha. I guess if you knew EVERYTHING for EVERY exam all at once while on the bus randomly, your head would probably explode. It's easier to remind yourself and retain information when you start properly revising, and you get into the exam hall.

Just as a final side note, if you're on the AQA English Exam Board, I found the Youtube Channel 'mrbruff' really useful for A/A* English techniques etc. And then 'HEGARTYMATHS' for Maths revision, he covers the AQA Exam Board Specification, although I do Edexcel, and a lot of things overlaps anyways with all the other Exam Boards anyways, I'm sure. 

Good luck! Don't die! It'll be all right. :)

Answered Tue 6th January, 2015 @ 19:38 by BroJoeJoe