Is it normal to be really tired? What can i do?

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I have two weeks until my exams start and i am struggling to revise because i'm coming in from school for 5 then am falling asleep as soon as i go to my room to revise and won't wake up til 10 then its too late. What can i do?

Posted: 26-04-13 14:12 by Zara Parkin

I would see your doctor, because it is normal to be tired as im feeling exhausted at the moment and cant stop getting headaches :/ But if youir tiredness is preventing you from studying then you should tell someone about it and they will help you. 

Probably not the best answer but you could miss a couple of days - when you dont have much on for example pe or something and have a major revision day and that could be rreally beneficial to you.

Sorry I couldnt help anymore, but, i hope this sleepiness doesnt cause too much of a problem. **

Posted: 26-04-13 19:07 by Hannah

It could just be stress related if it's only just started around exam time so you just need to find a way to relax - if it hasn't just started recently, then yeah I would go to a doctor just to be on the safe side.

Posted: 26-04-13 19:21 by Joanne

I get that sometimes but not as badly as you. Sometimes I find it difficult to get through long past papers cause my brain feels really drained. Try having short breaks every so often, maybe every half an hour - and completely do something unrelated to revision - watch a youtube clip or just do nothing for like 10 minutes. It might help. 

But if that doesn't work then yeah see a doctor. 

Posted: 27-04-13 08:42 by Tilly - Team GR

put a restriction on how long you revise, for instance i don't do revision after i have had tea unless i really have to, its important to have some 'me time' i also don't do much revision on sundays, i give my self a day off that way what you do revise is more likely to go in your head.

Posted: 01-05-13 16:21 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Try go eating some cabbage (for the iron) and booking a doctors appointment.
Tiredness is a sympton of anaemia,  could be this, it's quite common in teenage girls due to womanly stuff :/
Also try drinkin more, if you are well hydrated you can concentrate more.
Don't revise for too long, 20minute periods are said to be best.
Have a short (20min) nap when you come home and set an alarm to wake you up, 20minutes is meant to be the best nap length 

Posted: 03-05-13 20:00 by Alex

i find having a lie down for 10mins or so helps even if all you do is just lie there and think or listen to music or something, just to relax and do this every hour or so when revising, also high iron is good there a medicine i sometimes have called metatone whihc is basically an iron boost, have it with breakfast or lunch or something and it will give you more energy

Posted: 05-05-13 14:33 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR