Is it just me who thinks Postmodernism is a load of tosh?

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I'm doing AQA A2 Sociology and currently studying Unit 4. For the theory section we've been asked to make notes on postmodernism, but does anyone else think it's mind-boggling? I don't know how I could get an A on an essay titled "Assess the usefulness of Postmodernism to our understanding of society" .. there is no way I could put down enough stuff (and at least understand it to evaluate and analyse it) for 33 marks.

I think Ollocks (2008) summarises it beautifully: "Ollocks suggests that postmodernism is an exhaustive intellectual game using obscure ideas and complicated and flowery language to disguise what are, in effect, nonsensical ideas.

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Posted: 15-02-11 13:20 by Christopher Cartwright

true..with the unit 3 religion it made sense but cant get enough information for an A for the postmodernism...;S

Posted: 16-02-11 12:33 by Asha Akhtar

I'm doing the OCR course and I think that Postmodernism does have a point in the rejection of outdated metanarratives and theories, however like all the perspectives it does have it's downfalls. To be honest, I agree with the Postmodern idea that there is no one way of defining all of society however I think that each of the perspectives has some valid points. If you need more info to get an A just read your textbook or get a study guide and write down what the textbook says, I'm not sure if your exam's the same but with ours you're not meant to put personal opinions anyways :)

Posted: 25-04-11 00:18 by Jess