Is it better to take detailed notes or flash cards with questions and answers to revise?

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I need to revise for some tests soon and I don't know what method will make it easier to remember and use.Thank you!

Posted Sat 15th October, 2016 @ 09:20 by Abby_P

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Hey Abby! Yep, I can see the tests have clearly overwhelmed you. There are certain revision methods you may choose:

  • Visionary learner
  • Auditory learner

and the moving learner.

You fit in one of these three categories. Visionary is creating colourful notes, auditory is for recording, and the moving learner is for moving about reading their notes!

There is always a trail that you need to follow when completing active revision. Dont just stare at the page in hopes that it shall magically whiff into your mind! Practise makes perfect. You should first make detailed revision notes, or get them from this website which makes things quicker.

You should then after revising the notes, use certain apps like Quizlet which certainly boosts your academic progress. Finally, create some Flashcards with Answers and Questions that have bullet points. Give them to a parent or friend to test you. Even the family pet will listen to you.

Hope this helps. Good luck and tell me how you do!

Answered Mon 26th March, 2018 @ 21:12 by Son_of_Athena