is it better to do a-level in college or sixth-form?

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my friend went to an open day in the city college and found out that the subjects i want to do are available for college. I don't mind going college or sixth form. If I go to college i will do the full course which is the same as sixth-form. So can someone please tell me what you think i should do. 

thanks a lot 

this will really help out X

Posted: 25-10-12 17:53 by simran

i am also in year 11.. i spoke to my teachers about this, they said that it depends as college is more independent work, they expect  you to do a lot of the work by your self, and you have to take lots of responsibility in your studies, whereas sixth form "spoon feed you" more.. my teachers said in sixth forms they tend to give you extra support, and they actually teach you whereas in colleges you might find that you have to learnt the information yourself, hence the reason why people usually do better in sixth forms than colleges..

hope that helps.. 

Posted: 25-10-12 19:58 by ? Secret - Team GR

so based on the information i have given, it depend now what you think, if you feel you are a person who needs someone to make them do the work or needs extra support then your better off in a sixth form, but its your choice, speak to your teachers.. 

Posted: 25-10-12 20:00 by ? Secret - Team GR

I would definitely go for a college because if you stay in your school (if it has a sixth form) then you aren't experiencing new things and meeting many new people.

I chose a college over sixth form because everyone is in the same boat - you all won't know where to go or any teachers so you fit in better, but if you go to a sixth form, then there may be groups and they all know the place and the teachers so it would be harder to settle in and get used to college. 

Also, college gives you more independence and it's a better transfer from college to uni whereas a sixth form will tend to spoon-feed.

Hope this helps, but it's down to where you would feel most comfortable - I chose a college because it would make me more independent and I felt it would be easier to fit in and make friends because everyone is in the exact same position as you!

Posted: 25-10-12 21:08 by Joanne

It completely depends on what you want to get out of your next 2 years of education. If your up for a completely new experience and want to meet loads of new friends then go to college however only do this if your very self motivated. If your focusing on getting really high grades then sixth form is probably the safe option as you probably already have a lot of connections with teachers who are there to help you. 

Good luck on what ever you choose. :) 

Posted: 25-10-12 23:27 by Former Member

thanks a lot ♥ Secret ♥Joanne and Dan

This has cleared my thoughts of what i want to do. 

very helpful  

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Posted: 26-10-12 18:11 by simran

I agree, it depends on how you are as a person. I didn't get the option when i left school as my school didn't even have a sixth-form anymore. I study A-levels at college and i love it!

College gives you much more independence whereas sixth form will probably give you more support. At college, i don't even get homework but i love it as now i can choose myself which subjects i feel i need to work on.

Also, if you want to go to university at the end of it, college may give you a bit of a head start as you would be required to be more independent. But, like i said, if you aren't ready to make the jump then sixth form would be the best option!

Posted: 26-10-12 19:39 by JessicaB

thanks jessicaB but i am confused because i'm kinda in between. I work well interdependently but i also need help from teachers.  

Posted: 27-10-12 17:57 by simran

simran make sure you keep you options as open as possible and I suggest then you see the results of A levels in those colleges/sixth forms and make comparison to see which is better.. good luck.. x

Posted: 27-10-12 19:19 by ? Secret - Team GR

Remember that you still get support from teachers at college, you just get more help at a sixth form so it isn't that independent. I also had no choice as my school didn't have a sixth form, but I didn't want to go to a sixth form as lots of people stay on and when new people arrive in the sixth form, it's harder to fit in. But even if my school had got a sixth form I would have probably still have gone to a college because you can meet more people and do new things.

Posted: 27-10-12 19:25 by Joanne

okay thanks evry 1 for the help and ur opinions really helped. :)

Posted: 29-10-12 17:56 by simran