Is Biology at A Level hard?

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Ive just finished year 11, and its college taster days and that, and im thinking of taking Biology, i was just wondering if its good, many people have said its hard :/ but i love science, and i wondered if its a really big step from GCSE, and also worth taking as a subject, many thanks :D

Posted Sun 17th June, 2012 @ 13:16 by hannah Williams

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It's hard if you don't work hard. The step up from GCSE to A-Level is HUGE. I didn't belive people when they told me that. So I had to learn the hard way; If you don't work your **** off, you're not going to get A's.
Unit 1 is quite 'easy' ~ Building on from GCSE stuff. But beware of the applications questions, there are a lot of How science work questions in the exam. You might think you've done well, but the answer scheme might say something different.

On the positive side, Biology is VERY enjoyable. Some of the things you learn is just so fascinating. I LOVE Biology! GCSE's were a breeze, you can do some revision the night before and still ger A*'s. But with A-Level, if you put the work in, you can do really well!

I hope you get great results for your GCSE's. Good Luck<3 And Enjoy A-level Biology :) It's a good subject and I reccomend that you pick it!

A Fellow Scence Lover

Answered Sun 17th June, 2012 @ 13:25 by Rani I
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All that i want to say is that , A level biology is a BIG step to take from GCSE.

if you find GCSE hard to handle and boring, then you would find Alevel extremely hard to handle and sick  of .

But on the positive side, biology has so far being on of the most enjoyable subjects i have studied...if you enjoy discovering new things ie about the genetic makeup of organism

If you are a very inquisitive person who is willing to do some extra reading/research about topics related to your work/contemporary issues of biology today , then this is something you will certainly enjoy.

Answered Mon 2nd July, 2012 @ 18:08 by ELectrica!
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Ahh cool :) sounds good!! :L and you seemed glad you picked it :) ive got a college taster day soon, so al make sure i go to biology :') thanks!:)

Answered Mon 18th June, 2012 @ 18:40 by hannah Williams
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Ahh right okays, sounds hard but like you say if you put the effort in hopefully i'll be alright :') and thats good that its enjoyable, i loved science when i did it i found it really interesting, and it sounds good :) and aww thankyou!:) thats nice of you to say:)<3 good luck to you at A-Level/ what your doing :) and thanks again :)

Answered Sun 17th June, 2012 @ 13:32 by hannah Williams
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Oh my, biology A level is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so fun yet so easy at the same time trust me it is worth taking it especially if u like biology as well !!

It is the best part of biology, the body mostly and you get the chance to really show off your knowlege !!

Answered Sun 17th June, 2012 @ 23:48 by Braniac
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Well my sister got an A* at GCSE and so she decided to take A level she worked her **** off and only got a C. So it is a lot different to GCSE but she loved when she was doing it. I am studying at GCSE at is my favourite subject so as long as you realise that it is a lot different from GCSE then my guess is you will be fine :) x

Answered Thu 5th July, 2012 @ 16:08 by Izzy Swain
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Ahh right okays :) all sounds good so far, just had taster day at college today and went to biology and it seems hard work but really interesting, and i think im going to take it :') thanks all of you for the help :) **

Answered Thu 5th July, 2012 @ 16:57 by hannah Williams