Is anyone planning on moving homes for uni?

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University 2013

Just wanted to know if anyone is planning on living on campus? Or are living on campus? I want to know the pros and cons of it. I am thinking of moving out but not entirely sure. Meeting new people scares me :/

Posted Wed 26th September, 2012 @ 20:20 by Stranger24

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I'm living on campus and i moved in on saturday

I was a bit worried but it's fine

you need to remember everybody is in the same position, nobody knows anyone else so it's quite easy to start talking to people. for me every conversation started with , ' hi, what's your name, what course are you doing and what halls are you in'

I've got loads of people in my flat, we have all going out together so we always have someone to be with/talk too.

I've met a few people living at home. As they aren't living at the university they haven't known anyone so have looked really lonley/lost. they also haven't been able to do any of the activities on in freshers week  haven't been able to get home after. Also it means at lunch time they haven't got a flat to go back to. Personally i think the uni experience is about moving out, you get loads of support should you need it, you're in a safe secure environment and you learn about living by yourself without moving straight out and getting a house.

Please say if you have any questions:)

Answered Thu 27th September, 2012 @ 19:45 by Alex
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How about when it comes to finance stuff? How do you go about that? The loans and grants wont be enough would they?

Answered Fri 28th September, 2012 @ 08:37 by Stranger24
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It's really easy to apply for a student loan - ask your school and parents for help

the amount you recieve for your loan is dependent on how much your parents earn. (the more they earn the less you get). My parents come over the top earnings range so i get £3575 - this is the minimum everyone gets. dependent on where you go and what accomodation you choose, this can cover your accomodation.
you should talk to your parents. mine have lent me money to cover my accomodation. mst of my friends their parents are paying for theirs. you should talk to your parents to see how much you will recieve for the maintenence grant and if they will pay for at last some of your accomodation.

Basically loan - you pay back (i got 3575)
Grant - you don't (maximum 3250)

Any other questions?:)

Answered Fri 28th September, 2012 @ 11:37 by Alex
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I am planning on moving away I really want to go to leeds. >.< my dad laughed at me when I asked whether he was going to pay for me, so supportive right?

Lol I'm going to apply for a loan but I know my parents will probably pay for my accomodation. I know what you mean, I wouldn't want to share stuff with people I don't know, especially not bathrooms!!

Where are you thinking of applying and how far away from home??

Answered Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 22:33 by blueberrifantom