Is anyone here a writer/like or write poetry or fiction?

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Just thought it would be nice to see if there are any writers lurking about ^^ :)

haha, my website which I post my scribbles to is: :)

Looking forward to seeing if there is any interesting responses! :)

Posted: 13-03-12 18:48 by misshapenskies

Love some of the stuff on your website, keep at what your doing because if you enjoy writing then it maybe something you might want to do as a  career. I think you need to look at keeping a record on paper of your poems. 

Posted: 22-03-12 18:37 by Jack Dawson

Aw thank you Jack :') 

It means a lot to me when I get responses like that :)
Do you write at all? 

Posted: 22-03-12 19:37 by misshapenskies

wow :P thats really good :)

i write descriptive pieces and like.. dramatic accounts :) there are a few on my page at get revising if you click my name :) **

Posted: 22-03-12 19:40 by Rayanne :)

Hey Rayanne :)

Thank you very much ^^ it means a lot to me

And ok, I will go and have a look :)


Posted: 23-03-12 12:30 by misshapenskies