is anyone else going to fail?

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i neeed some revision advice!! i really dont know how to revise heeeeeelp please  

Posted: 02-05-12 17:23 by zenz

thanks :)

Posted: 02-05-12 20:29 by zenz

I know I am going to fail ICT because I need someone to sit with me and explain what I've got to do

Posted: 02-05-12 20:54 by Sonikkuruzu

failing chemistry because it makes no sense to me :/

Posted: 05-05-12 23:05 by Ayshh:)

I'm gonna fail too :)

Posted: 06-05-12 00:42 by Leah

Oh come on guys, don't give up now! All you need is determination and confidence. Walk in there with your head help up high, take the exam and leave. If you get a good grade, jump, dance and have a party! And if you fail, look at the mirror and stick your middle finger up. But no seriously, you guys can pass! 

Posted: 06-05-12 15:46 by LP-FTW

Listen to the Linkin Park dude!

Zenz, just follow LP-FTW's advice cos you most likely do know how to revise, but you just feel like you don't. Don't worry, everyone gets this feeling now and then, I have it now, so you're not alone in this.

Although I'll definitely fail Chemistry + Physics, no matter how much revision I do for them.

Also: these might/might not be helpful:

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Posted: 06-05-12 18:03 by Ed

Yeah! Linkin Park can cure all your problems! Really it does as it works for me!

Posted: 06-05-12 18:22 by LP-FTW

Just listen to the instrumental of Numb and you'll be fine.

Posted: 07-05-12 18:50 by Ed

aah yes. EdInABox you my friend have great taste in music.

Posted: 07-05-12 18:52 by LP-FTW

i luv a place in my head and in the end theyre my fav

Posted: 07-05-12 19:44 by aliimz

I like Numb, Faint and What I've Done ^_^

Posted: 08-05-12 14:09 by Fyzah :p

What ive done is an epic song

i also like hands held high, which is weird for me because i dont like most rap stuffs

Posted: 08-05-12 16:56 by Renn